Daily many of us face low cellular signal problem while surfing or browsing. Basically cellular signal varies with location to location. But as an Indian most of us use Airplane mode to get rid out of this problem. And sometime it’s works as well.

If Airplane mode doesn’t work than we use other different method and try to switch different network and tries to solve this problem. But it is also not an permanent solution because there is no network which works everywhere excellent. So you can use below mentioned 10 ways which helps you to improve the cellular signal.

10 Simple and Effective Ways to improve cellular network

1. Get a Window

Building walls are notorious RF signal blockers. Stand by a window or open the windows to create a clear pathway between you and nearest cell tower.

2. Get some space

Your phone is competing with others gor cellular signals. In crowded spaces, it’s best to create some distance between you and other cellular users.

3. Increase Elevation

often the lowest elevation the more signal blocking surroundings. Get to a higher floor or climb a nearby hill to get a clearer line Or sight to a cell tower.

4. Charge Device

Your device needs power to communicate to the cellular tower. Charge your phone to give it more power to reach nearby cell tower.

5. Close Apps

Closing unused apps and pages allows your device to devote all performance to the action of connecting with a nearby cell tower.

6. Reboot Signal

Reboot your cell signal by turning airplane mode on for 5 seconds and then turn it off. After this it will search for new cell tower and increase your signal speed.

7. Wi-Fi Calling

If you are connected to the WiFi use FaceTime, Audio, Skype, Hangout or other WiFi enabled services rather then cell network.

8. Locate a Tower

Find a tower like antenna search apps like open signal and field test mode and try to get a better line of sight ir closer in distance to those tower.

9. Mind the Antenna

Many cellular device now stores the antenna inside of the device. Hold your phone upright with minimal touching of the sides of the device

10. Borrow a Device

If all fails there is old fashioned tap on the shoulder trick. Someone may have the stronger signal with a different carrier and could lend you their device in a pinch.

By Yogesh Joshi

Engineer by profession and writer by passion- News with Innovation

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