Six Steps to Get Six Pack Abs

Nowadays gyming is on trending and every second person wants to make big mussels. It’s not easy to get massive impact on body under short period. Basically many people are doing exercises but the question is how many of them are doing it properly or with right posture. Doing regular exercise in gym is not going to give impact, you need to follow some basic steps. But building up six-pack abs is more difficult, cutting out stomach fat is not an easy thing. 



  • Side-crunches: 25
  • Rowing: 30 min
  • up-ward facing hip flexes: 15               


  • Corkscrew Pilates: 10 min.
  • Elliptical: 30 min
  • Jackknife: 10 min

Step 3:

  • Running : 30 min
  • Reverse Ball- Crunches: 40
  • Leg Lifts: 40 


  • Scissor Twist with ball: 2 set (12 rep each)
  • Stationary Bike: 30 min
  • Sit-ups: 3 Sets (15 rep each)


  • Treadmill: 30 min
  • Boomerang Moves (Pilate) : 20
  • Pilate Hundred Moves: 3 min


  • Give rest to your body parts: 1/2 Days

Follow these six steps and get your six pack abs. It’s not easy as it looks like, you need to do it regular with correct posture. If you get energy left you can increase about 8-10 repetition on each exercise. It will give massive impact. Always make sure that the posture of each exercise is correct, otherwise it won’t work and you may get injury. 

All these exercises targeted to your particular body area, which is going to burn extra fat from your body area.

Now here 2 question may arise in your brain:

1. Exactly how much time it will take?

Answer: Above we have mentioned six steps it doesn’t means you will get abs in six days.Good things take time. You need to follow mentioned six steps with correct body position and you will get result about 8-12 weeks. 

2.  Is doing Rest is Compulsory? Can continuous exercise will give massive impact?

Answer: Well Yes, without giving proper rest to your body part they will not grow. So, do rest according to your body needs. Otherwise targeted body parts start paining. 
No, doing continuous exercise will not gonna help you. 

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