Beware of Fraudulent SMS & Calls about Account Suspension, Account Block or Fake Rewards

If you have received any SMS/call asking you to download any app for KYC completion then please do not trust these communications, these are fraudsters attempting to get your details. In the last couple of months, fraudsters have come up with a new way.

They have started calling our customers saying that ‘We are calling from Paytm to re-activate your KYC’ and then they ask them to install apps like, AnyDesk, TeamViewer, QuickSupport, etc and give certain permissions to these apps which are given to any normal app. Once the app is installed, generally a 9 digit address code is generated which when shared can allow other users to access your devices remotely. 

After gaining remote access to your device, all of your mobile banking apps can be accessed by these fraudsters and they will be able to transact through your account which includes UPI and wallets. 
If you are being contacted stating that ‘your KYC has been completed and know to receive cashback and offer, you will receive an SMS with a link, to avail the offer click the link. Then always ensure you do not click on such types of links and delete such type of SMS. 
Please note that your PayTM KYC can only be done at authorized KYC centers pr Paym representative at your doorstep. 

Always Remember

  • Paytm full KYC can only be completed by having a face to face meeting with our agent at an authorized KYC point.
  • SMS sent by Paytm about full KYC only has the link to fix an appointment with our KYC agent or to locate to your nearest KYC point. 
  • Paytm will never call you or ask you to install any app.
  • We never send any SMS/Email for Paytm minimum KYC
  • You do not need any support to complete your minimum KYC with Paytm bank, it’s a DIY process.
  • A Paytm employ will never ask you for any pin, OTP, card number, etc.
  • When Paytm agent will come to your doorstep does check their ID.      

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