Control your blood pressure

Control Your High Blood Pressure Naturally and Health Tips for healthy living

What is Blood Pressure? 

When human heart starts beating, it pushes blood forward and through arteries. This blood flow puts pressure on the artery wall, this pressure is known as Blood pressure

How blood pressure gets High?

Another name of high blood pressure is Hypertension. When blood flow puts more pressure from normal through arteries known as High Blood Pressure. It’s vice-versa in known as Low Blood Pressure.

Health Problems From High Blood Pressure:

  • Vision Loss
  • Heart Failure
  • Stroke
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Kidney Failure
  • Heart Attack

Nowadays most of us are suffering from high blood pressure problems, everyone has a personal issue. Actually what is the problem of this generation is, they need instant relief. Medicines can help you but with many side-effects. And the question is how long you go with tablets. 

Don’t worry I have a natural way through which you can easily control your blood pressure as well as you will get other health benefits. It’s totally natural and any age group can consume this. 

Ingredients Required:

  • Black Pepper/ Kali Mirach
  • Mint Leaves/ Pudhena

I know you were thinking that how can only these two things can cut down your blood pressure. But yes, you have to just grind black pepper and mint leaves together(add water as required). Make sure you don’t add salt. You have to consume it like this only. 

After consuming it, measure your blood pressure and you will be shocked after seeing instant results. Use this chutney 3-4 times in a day while measuring blood pressure

Health Tips

Actually, nowadays the main cause of health problem is that no one has time for their own health. Everyone is busy with daily schedules. Due to this is so many acute diseases take place in our body and create difficulties for us. what do we do after this? We go and consult the doctor and start taking medicines. Medicines do solve your problems but taking pills for a long time for these acute diseases can harm your organs as well. Acute diseases will be held in your body after a certain interval of time.

How Acute and Chronic Diseases Take Place 

The acute disease normally took place in the human body through a virus or an infection. These types of problems are for the short term and last long for some days or 2-3 weeks. 

Another hand, Chronic diseases take place due to unhealthy or unhygienic food, Poor nutrition, etc. Their types of problems start very slowly but effect the most and last long for 2-3 years or for a lifetime. 

Never take acute disease lightly, it may get converted into chronic and you may get in trouble. 

The best thing to escape from these kinds of your health issue is re-creating your daily schedule and add a medication, the proper time for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. Drink more water it will keep your body hydrated

With this continuous attack of Acute diseases, it may become chronic and you may suffer for long term or life problems. Here we have some examples of acute and chronic disease.
acute disease example – Burn, Common cold, Flu, Pneumonia, Infection, Blood infection, etc. 
chronic disease example – Depression, Diabetes, Arthritis, Health disease, High blood pressure, etc.  

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