Mental health Vs Physical health- Which one is important

Mental Health VS Physical Health

Mental health and Physical health both plays an important role in human body. Mental and physical health both are connected with each other. If our mental health is good than it will automatically keeps our physical health healthy. Or our physical health is affected than it will also affect our mental health.

Mental Health and its Benefits

Mental health is the most important term for human body. It directly affect our body with several advantages and disadvantages. Basically mental health of human body is controlled by emotional well-being. It interconnected with a person’s emotions, how he/she controls them. Doing meditation on daily basis can give you good mental health.

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Benefits of Mental Health

  • Keeps you Fresh
  • Clear and Broad Thinking 
  • Inner peace 
  • Keeps you calm in every situation 
  • Reduces irritation 
  • Reduce Anxiety 
  • Lower the rate of depression 

Physical Health and its Benefits

Physical health is another important topic to get healthy human body. An healthy physic can make a person muscular with heavy muscles and bones. 

Benefits of Physical health 

  • Lower the risk of heart attack 
  • Keeps your body fit
  • Lower the chances of Diabetes 
  • Improves blood cholesterol
  • Keeps you energetic
  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Gives you heavy bones and muscles
  • Decreases the chances of Cancer  

Metal V/S Physical Health 

Above we learned about the advantages of mental and physical health. To keep our body healthy we have to keep ourselves healthy mentally and physically in both ways. Because mental and physical both are interconnected with each other. Any of these gets affected due to any reason than another will also automatically gets affected. 

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If we don’t think good, take tension, always keep burden on mind, it will start affecting your body with short/long term diseases like hypertension, high-blood pressure, etc. The same way after completing daily exercises for physical health if we don’t give proper rest, don’t take proper meal it will also affecting your body with physical illness and laziness. Thus, both physical and mental health is important for human body. because both are connected with each other. 

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