Top Played Games of 2019 available on Play Store

As we all are living in this digital era. Where we have hundreds of options for single work. Like if you want to watch movie, you have different types of movies available. One can select according to their mood with different types of language. Same applies you want to read newspaper, here also you have option you can read e=news on papers as well as on your digital smart phone . 

Google Play Store contains millions of apps which includes- Movies, Music, Games, Free earning app, English to Hindi translator, Different types of dictionary. If you search for game on play store, it will come up with hundreds of options. And know it’s hard to choose single piece of game among hundreds.
There are many gaming applications available on play store under different types of categories like-Cricket, football, Car racing, Parking, and many more. There are more than hundreds categories available. 

Here is the list of Top Played Games of 2019 available on Play Store  

  • Asphalt 9: Legends- 2019 Action Car Racing Game 

Asphalt 9- best played games of 2019

Gear up your favorite car and enjoy ultra-amazing car racing world. In this game you get different advance tools and much more for great gaming experience. Huge variety of cars, colors and many other functions. Different levels with different difficulties. Enjoy game with your friends and family.

Key Features-
– Cool and amazing graphic designs
– Creative background and best locations 
– Huge variety of car selections
– App includes ads 
– Paid version available
– Edit and customize your cars/profile at your fingerprint
– Get full gaming control on your hands
-Amazing game levels with advance difficulties

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  • PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile- best played games of 2019

Enjoy this amazing mobile friendly game on your mobile from anywhere and at any time. Best thing about PUBG is you can play it from any corner of world with other corner side friend. Here you can many advance features which you will never get any other. Amazing tools with amazing customizing options. 

Key Features:
– Best design and graphics 
– Mobile friendly
– Also available in lite version 
– Top rated app- 4.3
– Paid tools and entry available
– contains ads
– Connect with Facebook to play with friends
– Allows to add friends manually
– Different rankings

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  • Real Commando Secret Mission- Free Shooting Game

Real commando- best played games of 2019

Real commando free shooting game is based on world war army. In game you will play role of secrete commando and have shoot enemies who is trying to harsh your country people. User can enjoy this action pack game online as well offline. One can enjoy different levels of shooting with amazing guns and bullets.

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Key Features-
 Top ratings on play store- 4.2
– Best in Graphics
– Smooth and no lagging in between
– 3D graphics available
– Variety of Rifles available for users
– Interesting locations and amazing background
– Easy and Difficult both types of level to compete with
– Also available paid version
– It contains Ads

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  • Call of Duty 

Call of Duty- best played games of 2019

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  • Ninja Dash Run- Epic Arcade Offline Game

Ninja dash run- best played games of 2019

This epic arcade game is about marvel. User have to jump and do right/left swipe to attack and kill his/her enemies. 

Instruction – How to Play
Swipe left for double jump to dodge enemy
– Use right swipe for attacking on your enemy
– Collect coins and gems, perform amazing ninja techniques to kill enemies

Key Features-
– Great graphic designs
– User friendly
– Easy to understand and play
– Unlock new ninja warriors at different stages
– Can play online/offline
Top rated app on play store– 4.4
– Eight different Japanese fighting tricks 
– Also upgrade to paid version
– Ads include

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