What is Depression and how to Fight with Depression naturally

Get up and fight with it you can do it

Depression most common used word nowadays by youngsters. Do you know what is the actual reason behind this depression ? (I’am talking about depression in youngster)

What is Depression?
Let’s understand it with an example-  A person is working hard for his dreams. He has done so much of hard-work, done every single try needed for this. At last when he needed someone to understand him or his feelings, he found everyone scolding him. He starts spending much time alone. Slowly-slowly his interest is getting down from things. And he start overthinking on small incidents. Now he thinks nothing is matter for him, this is a situation where depression takes place.

Symptoms of Depression 

When a person,

  • Gets silent
  • Try to ignore what is happening nearby
  • Negative thoughts
  • Never gets happy easily 
  • Sleeps more
  • Lack of concentration 
Smile and move on it make strong people

Natural ways to get out from Depression

  • Involve with your family
This is an best natural therapy for depression, because our family is only one who stands for us in happy and sad both situation. Parents always wants to talk with their children and live moments with them. They want that their child share his/her thoughts with them first from anyone else. So, try to involve with them, laugh together, fight together, eat together. 
  • Spend time in positive surrounding
Having good time with positive people can totally change your mindset and you can become normal. Make distance from negative thoughts or people. If you will think good, talk good everything will be happen good for you. 
  • Make new friends 
Making new friends can also help you from getting out in depression. You will busy with you’r friends and never gets depressed. laughing and fighting with friends is most needed thing in life. Everyone wants good friends in their life. Try to communicate people, approach good people and good vibes. 
  • Take regular sleep
Dis-balancing of sleep can hurt you in many ways. Headache, mussel loss,etc.But having good or proper sleep can make you healthier from yesterday, happier than anyone else. It will keep your mind calm and give good thoughts. 
  • Healthy and Routine diet 
Healthy and routine is also an important factor to fight with depression and get normal. It will give you energy and keeps you fresh . 
  • Keep yourself busy/Have trip
Try to keep yourself busy with work. Enjoy every-work you’re doing. Concentrate on work and try to involve in it and enjoy. This will diffidently help you out. Try to go out with friends on trip. It will help you to fight with depression

Role of medicines in depression 

impact of medi

Medicines can give you relief in depression but not for long time. From getting out of depression ,you’r own role in most important and must. Medicines can only able to give proper sleep and some other benefits. But after that it’s up-to you how and where to utilize fresh mind. A person only able to get out of depression, when he actually wants to get out of it. 

Most of the doctors suggest YOGA for this problem. Keeping mind light and fresh is the best thing to get out of this problem. 

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