6 Reasons To Eat Your Healthy Greens

In our busy day to day life we all forget to keep healthy our mental as well as physical health. As junk food is on trending with new recipes all over the world. And most of people are habitual of eating only junk food. And they think that healthy food is tasteless and for them only taste matters. But after some time it start doing damage inside your body and you get in touch with short term diseases

Here I have only six reasons to eat green-eat healthy. If you apply them you can see result in very less time in your inner health as well as outer body also. This will also help you to cut down bad fat from body. This will help your body to get well-hydrated always and also change your digestive system with proper digestion. It will fulfill your body demand and keep you always energetic
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6 Reasons To Eat Your Greens


Well known for hydrating and also more nutritious than water. Having it daily can fulfill water consumption of your body. 


It is very rich in FIBER and also helps in cleaning of digestive tract. Also keeps your digestion well and make it strong. 


Celery contains many anti-inflammatory nutrients for human body. It helps your body to fight with illness and keep you far away from laziness.


It contains much higher calcium per calories as compare to MEAT. Good source of containing calcium faster. 


Broccoli is well known for high vitamins. It is high in vitamin K and C. Which helps in strengthen the immune system. 


Most of us well-known about spinach and its advantages. It is an great source of magnesium. which make strong muscles and nerve system

Benefits of Carrot Juice

Carrots are high in antioxidants and rich in vitamins which facilitate detoxification of human body. It contains potassium content, which helps to maintain cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 

Benefits of Watermelon

Everyone knows it contains 92% of water and fully loaded with different types of minerals and vitamins that have durective properties. 

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