5 Ways to Decrease Heart-Failure

Heart is an core part of an human body. Basically the work of heart is to pump blood in whole body through the circulatory system. And provides Oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of body and removes the carbon dioxide and other waste from the body.
Here we have mentioned 5 easy ways to decrease heart failure rate and improves the health of heart.

1. Minerals
Our heart is an muscular organ and it needs minerals to flex, pump and do it’s job. Make sure you add additional minerals in your diet like- magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc. So, muscular organ become strong.
2. Weight
Being overweight means more unneeded work and stress on your heart. So do your best to cut out fat from your body and keep your heart and body healthy. The less wait you put on heart the smoother it will circulate blood to whole body and work properly.

3. Fluids
So, you have to manage your fluids. This doesn’t means drinking unnecessary fluids like soda, juices, alcohol and energy drinks.You can drink water at morning and also add fruits and vegetables juice.

4. Vitals
Having plaque in your arteries, high blood pressure, high blood sugar. This all effects your heart in negative way and decrease heart circulation. For better heart make sure you mange your vitals properly.

You can’t control stressful situations or your environment or people around you. However you can control how you react to stress or the situation. Human body mind, heart and brain all are interconnected. So, keep your mood good and healthy for better heart.

By following these simple and easy ways can help you to keep your heart healthy and get long life.And decrease heart-attack and strock rate by 50%. 

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