10 Useful Google Tips & Tricks- 2021

We all use google for our daily basis search and get almost accurate results for that. But do you know that google can also do many other task by following simple-simple tricks. Here I have 10 Google tips & tricks. 

1. Pronounce large mathematical term 
 Many of us gets confuse when we see big mathematical term and don’t know how to pronounce it and take bit more time to understand it. But here by following this trick you can solve this problem in seconds. 
You have to simply type term in google search box and after that type ‘=english‘ and search. It will give you right and correct pronunciation of particular mathematical term.
2. Download Free Movies Without Any Failure
When we search for movies on google we get stuck in loop of spam websites over google and can’t download movies. But this trick will download a movie for you without any failure.
You just need to go to google search and type movie name and after that type ‘drive‘ and search. Now you can enjoy the movie from directly to the google drive without any cost. 
3. Windows 93
This trick is for computer geek, who wants to enjoy windows old version windows 93. 
You can search in search bar for windows 93 and in result you will get very first link of windows 93. Here you can use like computer and experience this windows old version very smoothly. 
4. Google Mirror Image
Many of us already knows about this trick. Here you can see all searches mirror image. 
Simply search for Google Mirror Search and get your result in mirror image.
5. Pac-Man Doodle
After hours of working this is a trick for mood refreshment. Herr you can search google pacman doodle and enjoy fast, reliable and refreshing game.
6. image Search 🔍
About this trick almost we all know. Here google allows user to search through any image. 
You simply need to upload an image and search. Google will show all related results similar to the image. 
7. Check Instant Flight Status ✈️
Here you can check any flight status in seconds with single search. You just need to go to search bar and type ‘Flight’ after that ‘flight name’ and hit search. 
You will get all possible

 details about selected flight. This trick can save your much time in searching.

8. Google Underwater 
This is an interesting trick where you can turn your normal google search display into google Underwater display.
You just need to search ‘Google Underwater‘ in search bar and hit for very first result. Here you can see google going underwater with every alphabet you type. 
9. Find My Device
Here is trick we all know about. This is an amazing trick by following this trick you can find your lost device last location. And also recover your data. 
 You have to simply search ‘Find My Device‘ and go for first link, fill all needed information and go ahead. 

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