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8 Easy Tricks to Boost Up Your Confidence

Confidence is basically our inner feeling for any work or something for which we’re sure. It may be your opinion, ability for work, feelings for particular person, etc. 
Sometimes we become over-confident about our abilities and this creates problems. Having strong believe on something is good but sometimes it creates problems too. So, here I have 8 Improved and esay tricks to boost up your confidence: 
1. Walk 25% Faster
Walking is very first thing which shows your confidence. So, walk like gentelmen. Throw your shoulders back and lift up your head. Move ahead little faster. You will feel self confidence increasing. Make sure you don’t rush while walking, it makes negative impact. 
2. Talk Slowly and Clearly
Talking shows our thoughts. So, talk Slowly, people who feel they’re not worthy of being listened to tend to talk quickly. Always ensure not to rush while talking.
3. Accomplish Small Goals
Try creating short term goals, complete them and move forward. For example- try making your bed in the morning. You feel accomplished and that will pave the way for achieving bigger goals. 
4. Dress Nicely
A well-dressed man/women always looks confident. Good dressed man glows with self-confidence and people love to listen. 
5. Empower Yourself with Knowledge
Always keep yourself update regarding the subject you’re talking about. Empowering ourselves in general is one of the best strategy for building confidence. 
6. Be a Front Seater
Ever noticed in meeting/event how back seats fill up first. This shows the lack of self-confidence. Always try to sit on front seat, it will show your interest and boost your confidence.
7. Practice Making Eye-contact 
Creating an Eye-contact with listener plays an important role. It shows how confident you’re on your words. Good eye-contact connects better, understands better. Sometime it helps us to make nervous other person when you have proper eye contact.
8. Practice Speaking Up at Every Meetings
When you’re in meeting or any other event try to speak, comment, make suggestions or ask questions. This will help you to create self confidence. 

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