Amazon Pay Balance Quiz- Answer and Win 5000

Are you looking for Amazon Pay Balance Quiz. Answers Today with correct Answers & Option? Just sit down relax & read the directions mentioned below.

Amazon Pay Balance Quiz. published by Amazon India from today. Amazon Brand Voucher Quiz. Answers is live now. Along with Amazon Quiz Answers, You can play the Amazon Pay Balance Quiz and win Rs 5,000 as Amazon Pay Balance Quiz. If You are looking for fast and right answers here are all 5 correct answers to the Amazon Quiz.
How To Play Amazon Pay Balance Quiz–December 2021
To play Amazon Pay Balance Quiz. you just need to invest your 25 to 30 seconds. If you don’t know how to play the Amazon Pay Balance Quiz contest just read the steps mentioned below.
1. Download Amazon App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store.
2. Open & Sign in to the App.
3. Search “Funzone” in the app & Find the Quiz
4. There you will find total of 5 questions
5. Answer all the Quiz questions correctly to enter the lucky draw.
Amazon Pay Balance Quiz- Answer

1. Through Amazon Pay Balance you can pay on how many apps?
(A) Between 2000 and 4000
(B) Between 4000 and 7000
(C) Between 7000 and 10000
(D) More than 10000

2. hrough Amazon Pay Balance you can enjoy ___ click fastest payments. Fill in the blanks
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4
3. Through Amazon Pay Balance, how many payment failures can you expect out of a 100 payments?
(A) Zero payment failures
(B) 3 payment failures
(C) 5 payment failures
(D) 10 payment failures
4. Which of these is a feature of payments done through Amazon Pay Balance?
(A) Refunds within 3 days
(B) Instant refunds
(C) Refunds within 5 days
(D) Refunds within 7 days
5. Through Amazon Pay Balance, you can pay for shopping at which of these stores?
(A) More
(B) Big Bazaar
(C) MedPlus
(D) All of these

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