Omicron India Live Update- India reports 5,784 new Covid-19 Cases

Omicron India Live Update

Omicron India Live Update–  As we all know new variant of Covid-19 found and named omicron. And it is believed that omicron cases will hike very rapidly with time. Daily new covid-19 cases are increasing.

In last 24 hours India noticed the record of new 5,784 Covid-19 cases and 252 deaths. And 7,995 recoveries recorded. now total active cases of covid-19 all variant includes omicron are 88,993. 

Again three new Omicron cases found in India on Monday. Two of them are from Maharashtra and rest one is from Gujrat. Now total 41 cases recorded in India of new variant Omicron

new omicron covid-19

If we talk about as per states, where omicron infected people till now. Than Maharashtra has now total 20 Omicron cases , Gujrat has 4, Rajasthan 9, Karnataka 3, Kerala 1, Andhra Pradesh 1 and Delhi has 2 Omicron cases. All these states of India infected with new covid-19 variant omicron.

First death recorded in United Kingdom person infected with new covid-19 variant Omicron. News confirmed by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday.

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