Remove Watermark From Pictures

Remove Watermark From Pictures- 5 Easy Ways

Remove Watermark From Pictures: We see lots of photographs with watermarks on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many other social network site. Watermark remover from Image is not an easy thing. Here we have a tutorial for you, So you can quickly and cleanly remove watermarks from photos. If you go and purchase the photograph that will be very costly to you. Below we’ve mentioned some cheap, fast and quick tutorials, including tools for watermarks remover.
If you’re thinking about the commercial use of watermark photos after editing, please drop the idea. It will be better if you buy the image rights. Because we can’t use watermarks images for commercial use without purchasing copyrights, If you do, the original artist can file suit against you and charge a fine. No one ever wants to put his/her company at legal risk.

1st Method: Watermark remover with Dedicated tools

These watermark remover tools are quick, simple and clean to remove watermark from image. Through these tools you can remove watermark without impacting the background of the picture. Here you get intelligent analysis which protects your image background and only works on watermark.

1. Wondershare Fotophire

This is the easiest way to remove watermarks from photos. Using this you can remove watermark from image very quickly and easily. Here you get more than 200 effects through which you can edit background, replace image, image retouching and much more. For windows this is the best recommendation by our side.
Here we have 3 steps watermark removal process:
1st step: Download the application and choose the image and import it from your library.
2nd step: Highlight the object which you want to erase by using a brush. You can pick any shape and size easily with a fully customisable brush.
3rd step:Now when you click on Erase,a powerful tool will remove watermark from image or the object you highlighted without affecting the background.

2. Super Eraser

This is a simple software which can easily remove watermarks from image, without impacting the background of the image . Through this you can easily handle distorted shapes of high contrast image. Although, this software doesn’t provide you with as many features as fotophire does.

3. Webinpaint

This is an online tool, So no other software needs to be downloaded. You can simply upload a photo and you are ready to start editing. For editing your photographs you need to connect your device with good internet connection. This is a very simple tool, you can easily remove watermark from image without affecting the background of the photo. But if you want full editing then you must go with fotophire.

2nd Method: Editing the photo with the clone tool

If you’re using any photo editing application or fotophire, you can easily remove watermark or edit any image manually. Using a clone tool makes it more simpler. On some photos it may be little bit tricky, below have mentioned steps, just follow them:
1st step: Import the image from your gallery which you want to edit.
2nd steps: You can zoom in, So you can highlight the image nicely. But the image’s background is all one color so no need to be so selective. By using a clone stamp on the background area you can protect the background of the image by getting faded.
3rd step: You can use clone tools on the mark which you want to remove. If the image is of lower quality, you can use a clone stamp to select different areas of the background to check if it lines up correctly or not. Background is striped vertically so you need to adjust the color.
3rd Method: Crop the Watermark Out
This method is basically for large images. Because of the mark near any side, we can simply crop the image and remove watermark from image, but if you post the same image online there are many websites which automatically stretch the photograph to its original size.
4th Method: Overlap your own watermark
By using this step you can easily overlap your own watermark on a photo. You have to simply place your own photo, by the help of software similar to fotophire and you can also use fotophire. You have to import a photo from the gallery, resize the photograph and drag it on the mark until it is completely covered.
5th Method: Search online for related images or stock free images
If you’re getting trouble editing your image through these simple tricks, you can use Google images free of cost. There are hundreds of the same photographs on the internet without any watermarks.
Above mentioned methods are best and simple to use. By using these simple methods you can easily remove watermarks from image and also edit the image with the help of different tools. We will be glad to know which method you’re using in the comment box. If you’re getting any problem regarding the same you can simply comment down, we will solve your problem.

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