Siamese Cats- 5 Fascinating Facts about Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats are mostly found in Asia and originated in Thailand. Siamese cat also known as Meezer or Mese. They have beautiful blue color eyes. Siamese cats live longer as compared to other cats. They live more than 15 years. It is an oldest breed of domesticated cats in the world. You can find Siamese cats in different colors- Orange, Brown, Cream, Blue or lilac color. 

There are more fantastic facts hidden in their good mysterious look mentioned below:

1. Oldest Breed 

No one knows exactly when Siamese cats where first found. There is a strong believe that they originated in Thailand around 14th centaury. This would make Siamese cats one of the oldest breed available in cats all over the world.

2. Royal Treatment

Hundreds of years ago, Meezer cats were found by royal families in Thailand. They like Meezer cats distinctive, rare and extremely beautiful look. Some of royal families have faith that Siamese cat will receive their soul when they died. And Siamese will spend the rest of their life living in temple and being pampered by monks.

3. Story Behind The Name ‘Siam’

Siamese cats was feed in Asia from centuries. They didn’t appear in U.S. late 1800s. U.S. President’s Rutherford B.Haye’s wife, LUCY- Se was earliest known owner of Siamese cat. It indicates that Siamese cats also have history in White House. Here Siamese cat named ‘Siam’, a gift from U.S. diplomat serving at Thailand.

4. Movie Star

Old but great movies like Incredible Journey, The Lady And The Tramp and that Darn cat are the movies where Siamese cats worked extremely brilliant.        

5. A Talkative Breed

If you own Siamese cat, you can experience they’re very talkative. They always try to keep their opion in front of their master. 

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