Best Electric Cycle in India

Best Electric Cycle in India

Today we tell you about Best Electric Cycle in India .Nowadays everyone is preferring electric vehicles more than petrol/diesel vehicles. Knowing the benefits of Electric Cycle , people are now thinking seriously about them. Along with taking care of health, Electric Cycle also take care of the pockets of the consumers.

The awareness of fitness is increasing among the people. If you practice Cycling for at least 10 minutes every day, then it has many health benefits. It reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Firstly,If you are thinking of buying a bicycle for health benefits, then Electric Cycle  can be a good option for you.Nowadays there are many brands of Electric Cycles in India but it is very difficult to choose cheap and economical Cycle among them.

Geekay Cycle –

The Geekay Electric Cycle is a sleek and stylish bike.Its aerodynamically designed frame minimizes wind friction while riding. This Electric Cycle in India comes with a lightweight high tensile rim, which gives you better performance on the roads.

In addition, the high quality and anti-rust coated double-wall alloy rims impress a lot. Dual disc brakes ensure stable and quick braking while on the go. It comes with an adjustable saddle, which can be adjusted according to the height of the rider. The Cycle wheel size is 26 inches. Better plastic pedals have been given. The price of Geekay Cycle Non-Gear 26 T Inch Wheel Dual Disc Brake.The Electric Cycle price in india is  Rs. 9,499 to Rs. 9,849. Also this is one of the best Electric Cycle under 10000.

Hero Electric Cycle-

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed ​​18 Inch Frame Electric Cycle  has been designed keeping both kids and adults in mind. In this, you get better suspension features, single-speed drive transmission and a strong structure. In addition, the frame of the bicycle is made of high density steel material. It supports and maintains the components of the Electric Cycle.

With its help, you can ride without any inconvenience. Plus, Cycling is fun and makes the daily commute easier. Firstly,It has multiple light reflectors, which makes it better for safety when walking at night. The Electric Cycle is perfect for those who are looking for a Best Electric Cycle in India in the budget.

What is Hero Electric Cycle Price?

The Hero Electric Cycle price in india is around 9000 rs only. Also this is one of the best Electric Cycle under 10000.

In this paragraph , According to a report, in our country, electric Cycle/e bikes have been sold in the country twice as compared to last year. In the year 2020, the electric Cycle / e bike market in the country was Rs 7.70 crore, which has doubled in the year 2021. If this bike continues to be sold in the country, then by 2026 its market can be up to Rs 226 crore also Electric Cycle Kit is also cheaper .

In short, the Electric Cycles in India has a solution to every problem faced by electric vehicles.

Nahak Motors-

Electric Cycle maker Nahak Motors has launched two Electric Cycle. firstly,One is named Garuda and the other is named Zippy. These are completely made in India cycles. After booking it, home delivery will start from August. The price of the Garuda model has been kept at Rs 31,999 and the Zippy model at Rs 33,499. It has a swappable battery which can be fully charged in just 3 hours. On full charge, it gets a range of up to 40 kms. The running cost of these cycles is only 10 paise per kilometer.


There are also many foreign companies in India that sell Electric Cycle in India, one of which is the UK company GoZero, which sells Electric Cycle in many ranges in India. The bicycle that offers the highest range is the Skellig Pro, which can run up to 70 kms on a single charge. A 250W power motor has been used in this. Its price is Rs 39,999, also the company also has two more Electric Cycle, the Skellig Lite has been priced at Rs 19,999 and is an online exclusive model, while the Skellig is priced at Rs 32,499.

Nexzu Mobility-

Electric vehicle maker Nexzu Mobility, a Bangalore-based company, launched its Electric Cycle Roadlark in March. Firstly,the company claims that this cycle gives a range of 100 km on a single charge. If the battery is discharged, then you can also run it through the pedal. It has dual battery system. The primary 8.7 Ah lightweight and removable battery is provided, it also gets a secondary in-frame battery of 5.2 Ah. This cycle can be charged in the normal way at home. Its price is Rs 42,000. This cycle can run at a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour.


1.Is buying an Electric Cycle a right decision?

 Buying an Electric Cycle is a right decision as it is good for health and also saves money and This also keeps our environment safe.

2.Which is the best Electric Cycles in India?

Hero Lectro, Knib Motors, Triad and Geeke Electric Cycle are considered good Electric Cycles in India.

3.How fast can this Electric Cycle go?

This Electric Cycle can normally give 32 kms/h , it can also give a top speed of 45 kms /h.

4.Which is the fastest Electric Cycles in India?

The Thunder model of Orbis Cycles delivers the fastest speed which is clocked at 25 Km.

5.Is it right to buy Hero Electric Cycles in India?

Hero Electric Cycle is a very good cycle which is very easy to ride. With this, a distance of 15 to 20 km can be covered comfortably.

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