Best Second hand Electric Car

Best Second hand Electric Car

Best Second hand Electric Car

At this time new Electric cars have come in the Indian car market. But still the second hand Electric car market is still buzzing. You can easily get a good car in a low budget. If you are thinking of buying one such second hand Electric car, then here we are telling you 15 such car models whose demand is very high. The special thing is that after buying these cars, you get good prices even after selling them again.

If you are now make a plan to buy a Second hand Car.Then it is also very important for you to keep some following  things in your mind. Before buying any used Electric  car, it should be properly and completely  examined. Most of the automobile companies in india  have opened their own showrooms or shops for Second hand Electric Cars. If you are also want to buying Second hand car, then you can purchase  it from anywhere. But there are some following things you should keep in your mind while buying, just a normal test drive is not enough to check the car and for buying it .

Where to buy second hand used Electric car?

At present, the second hand used Electric car market in India has become very big. You will get good details of cars on online websites, while car companies themselves have started selling second hand used Electric cars. For this you can go to big market like Lajpat Nagar, Karolbagh. We talked to a company selling second hand used Electric cars and asked which cars are in most demand? So he told that customers demand the most for cars of Tata, Hyundai, Honda and MG .

The stats say something like this:

According to the Indian Blue Book report on the second hand Electric car market. The  second hand used car market in India was 1.2 times in 2015-16 while 3.28 million second hand Electric car were sold in 2017-18. Experts believe that when a car leaves the showroom, its value comes down by 25-30 percent.

Know Expert’s Opinion

Auto expert Ranjoy Mukherjee explains ,that the highest demand in the second hand used car market in India is from brands like Tata, Hyundai, Honda and MG. The biggest reason for this is that despite being old.Their cars are easily serviced in a low budget as well as parts are easily available.

How is the price of a second hand Electric car decided?

The cost of any used  Electric car, its condition, how long is the car, how is the engine? The car is not an accident, how is the condition of the car? How many times has the car been sold before? Is the paint on the car original or has it been redone? Looking at these important things, the value of the car is felt.

There are some Following  Best used  Electric Car For Sale

Tata Tiger Ev-  You can easily buy it from the second hand market. The car is also  listed on OLX and the cost of this second hand car is around at Rs 7.75 lakh.whereas the price of  brand new car is current at Rs 12 lakh .

Mahindra e2o: This is one of the compact electric cars .You can easily buy it  and the cost of this second hand used car is around for Rs 4.25 lakhs.whereas the price of  brand new car is comes for around Rs 10 lakhs.

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