GADGETS UNDER 300– Today we are telling you about such Gadgets available on the e-commerce website Amazon, which you will get for less than 300 rupees.

Nowadays there are many Gadgets  which are used almost daily. We all have these Gadgets  too. The Gadgets  we are talking about are mobile phone holders or charging plug holders. These are very useful in everyday life. Today we are telling you about such Gadgets  available on the e-commerce website Amazon, which you will get for less than 300 rupees. So let’s know about these Gadgets  .

Many times you have to do fine editing or write something in a smartphone, in such a situation you cannot do it with the help of fingers. The Gadgets  we are talking about is a special capacitive touch screen pen, by using which you can save a lot of your time as well as you can easily save a lot of your time also complete your work with complete perfection. This capacitive touchscreen pen is easily available in the market and you can get it online as well and for this you will not have to spend  2000 because this is also available in lesser price.

If you are a student or working professional, then in today’  I am going to show products under Rs.300. Some of them are less than Rs 200 and I will show them to you.

 It’s so exciting, because you get to spend the time and discover some cool products at really low prices!

Cool Gadgets Under Rs. 300 Only

  1. Lightweight Pen
  2. Tripod
  3. Lens
  4. Wireless Mouse

Lightweight pen?

It is a very lightweight pen in which is also a special type of tip on it  can be used so that it can be written easily on smartphones including tablets


The craze of mobile has increased so much that people do not hesitate to do new experiments. If someone is fond of making Reels, then someone is fond of taking selfies in different styles. Mobile tripod is the best option for such hobbyists. Most of the people resort to ‘selfie stick‘ to take selfie with the camera. Often their selfies get spoiled due to hand tremors or shaking, in such a situation the phone tripod is the best option. After placing the phone in the phone tripod, it can be placed on the ground or table. Amazon is selling you this tripod for Rs under 300 while its MRP is Rs 900. This premium quality brand new style tripod has a flexible phone bracket with a size of 5.5-8.8cm in which you can comfortably fit your phone. Amazon users have given it 3.1 stars.

The next gadget is charger cable protector- Lookwise it is like a broken rubber band  or a cap.But it is one of the  very useful gadget, it is a cable protector. It is very flexible and rubberished


If you have an old phone and you are fond of photography it costs around Rs 230. And you get 3 different lenses which you connect with your smartphone. One of the lens is 180 degree fisheye lens for ultra wide view. The second lens you get is a macro lens for shooting close up shorts. And the third lens is a wide angle lens which is helpful for taking group photos. It sticks on your smartphone very easily .We tried it on an older iPhone that has the same lens and it took some really good pictures. For Rs 230 it is a good value for money.

You also get a short sleeve so that you can carry all these lenses very easily.

The quality of the lens is also good. Normally we order many products online and not all products are good but with this product I was really impressed. Try this if you want to maximize the range of photography of your smartphone.

Wireless Mouse-

Everybody needs it. That’s why I said in the beginning, this article is for students and working professionals. This Zebronics mouse costs Rs 300 and we have used it a lot. We bought it in bulk and it works well. This is a wireless mouse.

You have to put in the battery that doesn’t come with the mouse and I don’t expect the battery to come bundled at this price.But still looking at quality and overall price. it’s really good. Usually you don’t get a good mouse at this price but this is an exception.

For gaming you can increase the sensitivity of DPI up to 800,1200, 1600 with DPI button which is really helpful especially for gaming.

 So these were all products. We have a vision that the products we display are useful and helpful.

 We don’t include those products if it just looks good but doesn’t work properly.


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