How do you make food go to muscle instead of fat- 5 Easy ways

How do you make food go to muscle instead of fat – In this modern living everyone wants to have big muscles and great personality. We use many different ways to create big muscles.  We start taking good diet for muscle gaining. But many people say when we take good diet it convert into fat not in muscles. 

Here I have found 5 easy ways you can do to improve insulin sensitivity and the food you eat into muscle and one can also get good body shape.
1. Proper Macronutrient Timing
Protein, fat and carbs these are the macronutrient. Eating these macronutrient at correct time, you can easily hit up insulin sensitivity and maintain blood sugar spikes.
2. Post Workout Meal
One time in a day we should eat carbs,first is the meal right after your workout. Infact your ‘post Workout meal‘ should consist of carbs and protein. It do not include fat, vegetables or fiber
3. Eat Fiber 
Taking fiber from vegitables or suppliments also improves insulin sensitivity. Research has shown that taking fiber suppliments such as psyllium husk, 2×3 daily. It lowers blood sugar by upto 20% and it lasts the entire day.
4. Exercise Timming
Exercise Timming and duration both plays an important role for muscle gaining. Many people do exercise whole day but don’t come with result. So, doing exercise properly for 45 minutes or less can give a great hike in insulin sensitivity. Which is helpful for muscle gaining.
5. Use Vinegar
Take herbs, vitamins and minerals finally, you can take specific herbs, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals clinically proven to lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.
But for fast results many people are using suppliments. There are many suppliments available in market for good muscle gaining at different price and it’s very hard to choose among them. Many duplicates suppliment are also available in market at cheap price, which attracts us but never buy these types of products without testing. Otherwise it can harm your body instead of gaining.

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