How to contest a will?
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How Much Does It Cost to Contest a Will?

We totally understand your situation. You may be worried about the costing and result too at the time of contesting
a Will. This is a stressful time for you and your loved once. You may find many scammers at this stage but no worries we will help you in best possible ways.

So, very first thing is you should know how to contest a will. Below we have mentioned step by step so, you can contest will.

how to contest a will?

We all already know that there is extremely strong awareness about deceased’s wishes. Which may disputed after the deceased left will for anyone. WE have mentioned different ways to contest a will, which includes-

  • Poor execution;
  • Insufficiency of testamentary capacity;
  • Improper knowledge and approval;
  • undue influence; and
  • Aware of Fraud.

Average Cost to Contest a Will

We can not decide the accurate amount of cost required to contest a will. But it differs from case to case. And also depending upon how long it takes to end the case. If the case goes long automatically costing may be increase. Sometimes it also depends upon opposition party. If they are cooperative then case may end soon. And it may cost you average amount of money.

What Cost of Contesting a Will Involved?

There are numbers of different steps involved which includes costing at each steps are as follow-

  • Solicitor fees
  • Payments for example cost of copy medical records, Land Registry fees, etc.
  • Barrister’s fees
  • Court Fees
  • Fees for a medical work or handwriting work.

Accurate costing can be calculate after reading the case of individual and depends on the opsotion party. If other party is friendly and cooperative then case may resolve outside the court as well as it may be cost-effective. Otherwise case may become difficult and higher in cost.

Who pays to contest a will?

Before contesting a will, individual should check if he/she have any insurance which can cover legal expenses. Sometimes some banks card include such type of insurance. But in case you don’t have any insurance which may cover your legal expenses. But you have high chances of winning you can pay his/her per hour fees and continue the case.

At the time of contesting a Will, if claim proceeds to trial, the standard order is that the winning party has their reasonable costs paid by the other party or loosing party. At the outset of any case, a solicitor should advise their client about After the Event Insurance to cover the opponent’s costs, in the event that their claim is not successful.

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