How to draw a Volleyball
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How to Draw a Volleyball

As we all know how kids are attracted to the different coloured volleyball. They love to bounce and hit it to the opponents team. And drawing a Volleyball on paper would get them more excited. Beautiful vollyball drawing exercise is depend on how the circle (step 1 below) made. Learn how to draw a Volleyball by following below mentioned steps:

Step 1. Take an neat and clean white sheet and draw a clean circle.

Drawing a Volleyball

Step 2. Now for step 2 draw 3 straight lines diverging each from the centre of circle. Mentioned below.

Draw volleyball

Step3. Look at the picture of step 3 and draw three curved lines at the bottom of vollyball.

How to draw a Volleyball

Step 4- Following the same procedure now draw curves at right section of your Volleyball.

Step5- At the right side draw the same curves.

Drawing of Volleyball

You can see the answer of your question how to draw vollyball is now ready. Now you can colour each section according to your taste. Use bright and attractive colour to make it more attractive and beautiful. If you want you can also fill it with single colour. Earlier also you might took many attempts to get a perfect vollyball drawing. These 5 simple and perfect steps helps in creating drawing of vollyball. Share with your friends and create together.

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