How to use lifting straps

How to Use Lifting Straps Using Different Techniques

Lifting Straps are basically accessory use for weight lifting. It wrap around your hand and the bar is for wrist support and helps to grip heavier weight.

Do you do weight lifting? If yes, then you know that you can get a wrist sprain while lifting weights. Weight lifting is different from other exercises because when you do weight lifting, about 90 to 95% of the credit goes to your hands. Many times unfortunately we get injured while lifting weights and the most common of these injuries is wrist sprain. Most of the people forget some things in the process of making the fitness game and so that they can get injured. So if you do weight lifting, then do not forget to wear wrist straps wrist and hand strap during workout. The wrist straps protect you from wrist sprains and hand injuries. Here we are telling you why you need to wear a wrist straps while lifting weights.

Many people look at wrist Straps from a fashion point of view. But wearing a wrist Straps while lifting weights helps you avoid wrist injuries, as it supports your wrists. This prevents damage to the muscle tissue due to strain and sprain on the wrist. That’s why you must have seen that often weight lifting trainers and experts wear wrist straps during workouts and also recommend wearing them.


If you go to the gym, then you must have seen that many professional athletes do heavy workouts. In the gym I used to go to, some weightlifters used to do squats above 150 Kg, Deadlift above 200 Kg and leg press above 400 Kg. He used to lift such heavy weights easily. Some people also used to make mistakes while lifting heavy weights. Due to this many times there used to be pain in his spine or lower back.

What are straps?

I saw that some people tie a wide leather belt around the waist while lifting heavy weights. This belt is called Weightlifting straps. In common language it is also called Gym Belt.

I also noticed that people whose routine involved weightlifting or Olympic lifting used to wear lifting belts to avoid pain. But the question is, do the belts really ease the pain? Do you know how to wear it? People have different opinions about this. But if you are also confused about the weightlifting straps, then after reading this article your doubts will be cleared.

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How to use weight wrist straps?

If you do weight training, there is a lot of tension in your muscles. But on the other hand, if you wear wrist straps while weight training or weight lifting, it reduces the tension of your muscles. Not only will the wrist straps reduce stress on your wrists, but it will also reduce pressure and strain on your muscles due to its better grip. Lifting hand straps.

How to use weight lifting wrist straps Hand straps for lifting

Before wearing the wrist straps, do a little warm-up of your wrist. Don’t wear the wrist straps too tight or too loose. Use a Hand strap that is adjustable. Hand wraps for lifting.

What is lifting straps?

A lifting strap is like a wrap. It is worn on the wrist while lifting heavy weights. Straps are manufactured in different ways depending on their type, purpose and use. Lifting straps are usually made of thick leather or nylon. Mostly a leather belt is used for this. It is strong and durable. The width of this belt ranges from four to six inches.

Lifting straps are available in most gyms and fitness centers. It is fitted with foam at the back for secure tying at the waist, which tightens the waist with better cushioning. According to a 2003 poll on the use of weightlifting straps, only 27 percent of the people in the gym used the belt.

Before knowing the mechanism of weightlifting straps, it is important to know how the body moves when you are squatting, dead lifting or lifting heavy weights. The core, also known as the torso, is flexible in the normal position. Due to this, it becomes easy for the person to move right-left and back-and-forth. This flexibility makes it difficult to perform squats at times, as no one wants a spongy core that quickly collapses. Instead everyone wants a hard core.But a rigid core is difficult to bend and weightlifting straps help it bend.

Wear lifting straps or not?

Lifting straps support the back by increasing intra-abdominal pressure and preventing back hyperextension. It is most effective when weight lifting is done. During this, the spinal erector muscles work against heavy resistance. Incorrect use of a weightlifting belt can lead to many diseases, such as high blood pressure and abdominal muscle weakness. Therefore it is important that it is used properly.

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But keep in mind that you must consult the trainer once about wearing or not wearing the belt

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