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How to vote #India

How to vote #india- Elections are the biggest festival of democracy. In this election, the general public has the weapon of vote, through which they raise their voice. Among the rights of every citizen, the right to vote is an indispensable part of our democracy. The government you choose through voting, along with working on your problems, also makes all the rules and regulations. You must have Voter ID to vote. But there are many citizens who do not have Voter ID for some reasonason. Let us know how you can vote even if you do not have Voter ID…

How to Register to vote in India

What is the first thing to do if you do not have Voter ID?First of all, it is necessary that as a registered voter, your name should be registered in the voter list. If the name is not registered, then Form-6 has to be filled and submitted to the Electoral Registration Officer of your constituency. After this your name will be registered in the voter list as a voter. Form-6 can be submitted both online and offline. If during the election you do not have your voter ID, then you can still cast your valuable vote. Your name will mentioned in the electoral list. All you need to do is make sure you need to carry your driving license or PAN card, passport etc.


Eligibility to vote is- How to vote #india: He should be a citizen of India. For voting the age of 18 years must have attained as on the qualifying date of January 1, the year of revision of voter list.

– Must be enrolled in the electoral roll of India or the polling area of ​​the Indian constituency where he resides.

Let us tell you that under Article-326 of the Constitution of India, the right to vote has been recognized and it states that elections to the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assemblies of the states should be on the basis of adult suffrage i.e. the age of the person. is at least 18 years of age and as a voter at any such election shall be entitled to be registered.


For voting, it is most important that the name of the person going to vote must be in the voter list. This is the first and necessary condition for voting. An identity card should also be carried along with it. As an ID proof, you must carry any one of the identity cards issued by the government with you at the time of casting your vote. The staff at the polling place will get you signed on a register after putting ink on your finger. There is also a provision for thumb placement. After this, on going inside, you will have to show your slip and the ink on your finger. The staff will then allow you to enter the booth. EVM machine will be present in the booth for casting vote. Here you will be able to vote for your favorite candidate.

HOW TO VOTE INDIA- Online Election

The Uttarakhand High Court Also suggested the Election Commission of India to conduct online voting in view of the threat of Corona . Often young voters also ask, is there no such app where I can vote easily without queuing or spending time?

The Court has also suggested to the Election Commission to conduct online voting. Even during the assembly elections held in November 2020 after the first wave of Corona, the then Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar had said that this time the election campaign of Bihar will be more digital and if the Election Commission gives permission, then voting will also be done online. It is said that online voting can give us fast results. This can also increase the voting percentage.

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To understand why the Election Commission does not think about the option of online voting and online elections following are some points

  • Election security cannot be guaranteed

Digital election is not safe. According to them, online voting reportedly has many benefits, but there is also cyber security risks far outweigh these benefits. The security of fair elections cannot be taken at risk because of its many sensitive issues.

  • No computer or system is 100% ‘Uncheckable’

It is also a make a issue in terms of security of election that there is no computer or system that cannot be hacked. Hackers can tamper with ballots

  • Question on the availability of internet for all

The Internet has now spread almost all over the country, but its good bandwidth and reliable service are still not available everywhere. Even though internet has reached in many areas, still a large section of the population still does not have internet facility.

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