Interesting facts about iPhone
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Interesting facts about iPhone

We will give you another technical related information and Interesting facts in this post. Everyone is crazy about internet and mobile phones in today’s time. Apple company is one of the most powerful companies in the world. In the initial phase, the company suffered an economic slowdown, after which it gained such popularity that the world is watching. Every man wished to buy a good mobile but everyone has a different choice.

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Intersting Facts About Iphone ?

 Everyone has different thinking. Some people like Samsung mobile phones more, some people like Nokia mobiles. But most people like Apple’s iPhone. Today we will tell you some interesting and important things about Apple IPhone in this post and if you also have Apple IPhone then you can definitely see these things in them. Now below we are telling you some interesting facts about Apple iPhone. So if you look carefully then see.

1. Do you know. Whenever there is any kind of advertisement or add on iPhone. So why is there 9:41 in it? Maybe you didn’t know this, so let us tell you. That this was the same time when Steve Jobs first launched the iPhone in 2007 and put it in front of the world. At that time it was 9 41 minutes. Therefore, whenever you see an ad or advertisement for any iPhone, you will get 41 minutes of 9:00 in all of them.

2. When Steve Jobs was shown the first sample of the Apple iPod, he put it in the aquarium and tried to use Air Bubbles to prove that it still has free space and can be made smaller.

Do you know?

3.That the Apple company did not start with the iPhone, but the iPhone was started with the tablet PC. When was the tablet pc invented? It had a virtual keyboard. Which was shown to Steve Jobs. And he looked and then he wondered if such a virtual keyboard could be made. So this technology can also be installed on the phone. And an iPhone can be made. Since then Steve Jobs planted this idea and the first iPhone was ready. And in 2007 it was made for the first time.

4. When the first iPhone was completely ready. So the Apple company placed a condition. Whatever the network provider will be, its name will not be written on that phone, only Apple’s logo should be there,The Apple company placed this condition , which wanted to provide its network with Apple’s mobile phone. Like if you put Airtel’s SIM. So Airtel was not written. Only Apple’s logo used to come. And with that, we get to know the signal more or less. That’s the line. Apart from that nothing else came.

5. We all know. In today’s time, there is a competition between only two companies regarding mobiles. One of them is Samsung and the other Apple company Apple company continuously launches its iPhone score. So the Samsung company also sometimes brings its Galaxy series. Sometimes she brings a note. So the competition between these two companies keeps on going. But perhaps you may not know that Apple’s iPhone is made by Samsung company, their processor. The processors that are made for Apple iPhone are made by Samsung.

6. In 2007, the iPhone received the Invention of the Year award, given by Time magazine, and it was given in 2007 when the first iPhone was launched.

7. In the year 2012, Apple proved to be very important for the company. Because in 2012 Apple sold 40 million iPhones. This means an average of around 110000 iPhones were sold per day. That is, an average of 4,583 iPhones per hour, 76 iPhones per minute and 1.26 iPhones per second. Apple’s iPhones are sold in about 89 countries around the world.

8. Do you know that Apple has Siri. What we talk about like there is Google Assistant in Google. By which we search by speaking any voice. So in the same way, Apple also has its own Siri. And whatever you say to that Siri, it is saved in the voice of Apple Siri for 2 years. Whatever you say in it, it will be saved for 2 years, suppose if you are saying anything in reverse or anything. So it will be saved in your Siri, so if you do this too. So you must keep this thing in mind.

9. You all know that iPhone is very expensive in our country. But do you know this? That in Brazil this mobile is available at double rate. If Brazil is compared with other countries of the world, then IPhone mobiles are available in Brazil at double rate.

So now you must have come to know why Apple company is the most popular company in the world and how its popularity is so big and how Apple company’s iPhone has started. So today, in this post, you have to tell some important and Interesting facts about the Apple company’s iPhone. There are some Interesting facts in this as well. On which you will not believe but this is absolutely true. So if you like this information told by us, then do not forget to share

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