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National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day – National Girl Child Day, girls being remembered all over the country. The special purpose of celebrating this day is to stop the misconceptions related to girls, to stop female feticide, to bring awareness to all about daughters etc. Today we all have to understand that girls are not only our best today but also have a golden future.

India is progressing very fast and is moving from developing country to developed country. But even in this picture of changing India, there are many people whose thinking is still conservative. There are many such families who do not want to give birth to daughters, so they kill them in the womb or mourn their birth.

Since India was dominated by male dominated society and due to patriarchal mindset, a girl has to struggle for her life right from the womb. In India, gender screening declared illegal to reduce female feticide. However, still many such cases reported, when people commit heinous crimes like sex determination and female feticide on the basis of their identity or money. But we fail to understand that when we save one girl, we save generations.

Once seen, from upbringing, education, food to respect, rights, security etc., discrimination done against the girl child. Even in the treatment, there are inequalities. Therefore, today everyone should take a pledge not to discriminate between boys and girls and to correct the inequality of sex ratio prevailing in the country, because this sex ratio is 933:1000.

Let’s take a look at the highlights and headlines related to this…

National Girl Child Day celebrated every year on 24 January.

*It started in 2009.

* The main purpose of celebrating this day- – To make everyone aware of the role and importance of the girl child. Work to be done to remove the child sex ratio in the country. Effort should be made that every daughter should get proper respect and respect in the society. Girls should get their rights.

To discuss and take remarkable steps on the upbringing, health, education, rights of the girl child.

 * On this day, everyone told about the law regarding the girl child across the country.

* Child marriage, domestic violence, dowry harassment etc. considered and a decision taken on taking meaningful initiatives.

On this day, the message of save the girl child promoted by the government, NGOs, non-government organizations in newspapers, radio, TV etc. One thing common between father and daughter is that both love their doll very much.

Mother-daughter, such a relationship, where the ocean of feelings keeps on flowing. They share everything with each other, keep sharing their thoughts and ideas. The mother sees her daughter as the link of her hopes and hopes. If the strings of this relationship tied with a very strong thread on one side, then the complications in this relationship are also not less. In such a situation, it has also said that a mother should remain a mother. He should not have a relationship of friendship with the daughter, because by doing this neither she is able to respect the mother nor does she have any fear.

National Girl Child Day 2022:

Every year a new theme associated with National Girl Child Day. The theme of Girl’s Day in the year 2020 was ‘My voice, our shared future’. The theme of Girl Child’s Day 2021 was ‘Digital Generation, Our Generation’.

National Girl Child Day: History and Significance Now the question arises why 24 January was chosen to celebrate National Girl Child Day. In fact, in 1996, on 24 January, Indira Gandhi became the first woman Prime Minister of India. She was the first woman Prime Minister of the country. This day was a very important event in Indian history in terms of women empowerment. Therefore, this special day known as National Girl Child Day.

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