Priyanka Gandhi women card in up election ?
Up assembly election 2022

Priyanka’s women empowerment Card In UP?

Women empowerment -In view of the UP assembly elections.Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has made a big political bet for announcing that 40 percent tickets will be given to women candidates.

Usually, in UP politics, political parties try to handle the caste factor.But Priyanka Gandhi has tried to prepare a new base of the party by focusing on half the population and women empowerment . Now the question is, will Priyanka Gandhi be able to succeed in her mission on the strength of women.

Will she be able to get back the lost ground to Congress in UP?

This bet of Congress has reminded the Nitish government in Bihar. In the last election, women had proved to be the trump card in NDA’s return to power here. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, while giving credit for the victory of Bihar, called women silent voters of BJP. Now Congress is eyeing this vote bank of BJP in UP.

Bihar and Bengal strategy in UP Women candidates will be in the fray on 40 percent of the tickets i.e. about 160 out of 403 seats in UP. A similar bet was played from Nitish Kumar in Bihar and Mamata Banerjee in Bengal. Nitish Kumar had fielded women candidates in 35 percent of the seats. On the other hand, in West Bengal this year. 40 per cent women had won from TMC’s side because of women empowerment .

Nitish Kumar had also launched many welfare schemes in Bihar keeping the focus on the strategy to won  women. The decision to ban liquor in Bihar was also mainly to cater to half the population. Women voters playing a decisive role in UP Experts believe that the Congress can prove to be a good decision to play the card of women empowerment and there must have been a lot of thought behind it. There are 45 percent women voters in UP. Of the total 14.40 crore voters, 7.79 crore are males, while 6.61 crore are females.

Women’s vote is emerging

As a decisive factor in the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh. In 2007, when the BSP supremo became the chief minister, the number of male votes was high. In the 2012 elections, the equation changed and in the 2017 elections.There was a 4 per cent increase in the number of female votes as compared to male votes. The 2017 election, 59.5% of the men cast votes . while the number of female votes was 63.25 percent.

women’s claim in panchayat elections :  Apart from this, the great strike rate of women in the recent Panchayat elections can also be the reason for this strategy of Congress. In the election of village head, women won a total of 54 seat. At the same time, the post of 42 Zilla Panchayat President also won by women. Whereas according to one-third reservation, they could win only 24 of these quota seats. The helm of the Congress in UP is in the hands of Priyanka, who is the star campaigner as well as the female face of the party.

Priyanka Gandhi is leading every issue in UP from the front foot. Whether it is Hathras or Lakhimpur Kheri case or the case of death in police custody in Agra. This attitude of Priyanka has also increased the tension of other opposition parties.

How much chance for Congress in UP? Apart from this, there are many factors in the state which can prove to be an opportunity for the Congress. After the farmers’ agitation, especially due to the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, there is an era of anti-incumbency in the state. Apart from this, no government has been repeated in UP for the last 35 years.

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