How to make Youtube videos
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How to make Youtube videos

Nowadays every person uses Youtube to watch some kind of video. But do you know how to make a professional Youtube Channel from mobile and how to earn money by putting videos on it.

YouTube is the world’s number one video sharing platform and it is a product of Google itself. Nowadays unemployment is increasing very fast. Due to which people have a desire to earn money online sitting at home, so that they can earn money by doing any work sitting at home.So we tell you about  How to make Youtube videos.

And for this, most people choose two methods, one wants to earn money by creating a website or blog and by creating a YouTube channel and sharing videos. But most of the people are not aware that How to make Youtube videos.

How can I make it a professional youtube video. If you are also not aware about this then this post is for you only, where I will set you up by  How to make Youtube videos, That is, I am going to tell you about how you can prepare yourYoutube videos to earn money. So read the post carefully till the end.

What is Youtube Channel?

Before learning to create a YouTube video, let us know what is a YouTube channel? Because many people watching YouTube are not aware of it.

Friends, to upload any video on YouTube, you will have to first sign in with Gmail Account, after that you can create a channel of any name here which will work like a brand for you and the more Subscribers there are on your channel, the more the value of your channel will increase and you will become popular on YouTube. And we know your brand on YouTube as Youtube Channel.

How to make youtube videos better

Do video topic research: First of all, you have to decide on which topic you want to make a video. When you understand that on which topic you are more interested in making videos, after that you have to do a little research. To do research, search that topic on YouTube and see how many people have already made videos on that topic.

How to make youtube channel from mobile

Creating a channel on Youtube is a very easy task. For this you do not need to have any technical knowledge. So just a Gmail account and internet connection in your mobile, apart from this, a normal person who has only internet knowledge can also create a channel on Youtube. So let us now know the step wise process.

Step-1. First of all open website in any browser of your mobile.

After this, go to the menu of the browser and turn on Desktop Mode. This will make it easier for you to create a channel

Step-2. Now you will see the option of Sign in on the top right side, click on it.

Step-3. After this all your Gmail accounts will be visible. Click on the account with which you want to sign in.

Step-4. Now enter the password of that account and click on Next. Now you will be successfully signed in on YouTube.

Step-5. Click on Profile again and click on Create a Channel option. After this a pop-up will appear, click on Get Started in it.

Step-6. Now you will see the option of Choose how to Create Your Channel. In this select Use a Custom Name.

If you want to keep your name as the name of the channel, then select the option Use Your Name.

Step-7. In Create Your Channel Name, write whatever channel name you want to keep. After this tick the box shown below and click on Create.

Step-8. Your channel has been successfully created. Now a page will open in front of you, in this you have to add the likes of Channel Logo, About Your Channel and Social Media Profile.

If you want to update all this information later, then click on Set Up Later.

Friends, if you want to create your channel through Youtube App, then first of all open Youtube App, after that login with your Gmail ID. Now again click on the icon of the profile shown at the top of the right side.

Now you will first get the option of Your Channel, click on it. After this you will get the option of Create, from where you can easily create a channel as mentioned above. You can create a channel using whatever method you find easy.

Friends, by now you must have known very well about how to create a Youtube channel, now we know about how to earn money from it. There are many ways to earn money from YouTube, but when your channel is new then you can earn money by monetizing it with Adsense.

After the channel grows, many avenues of earning will open. Like Affiliate Marketing, Paid Promotion etc.

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