Russia vs Ukraine

Russia vs Ukraine

The tension between  two countries Russia and Ukraine is at its peak at this time in the world  (Russia Ukraine Conflict). Both the countries have  already  accused each other of firing (Russia Ukraine Shelling). On the Thursday morning, The Russia claimed that Ukrainian forces attacked the separatist-occupied Donetsk (Ukrainian Forces Shelling in Donetsk). Afterthat  which many western countries also  including America called it that the spark of war between  Russia vs Ukraine  . By late evening, the US embassy in Ukraine has also  claimed that, The Russian-backed separatists have targeted a kids school in the Donbass during Russia vs Ukraine. A Ukrainian government-controlled area. At that the same time. US President  Joe Biden has said that every  coming indication is indicating that the Russia is fully prepared to attack Ukraine. For this, The Russia also tried to run a false flag operation with take the help of separatists.

The US accuses Russian separatists of attack

The US embassy also  tweeted that a kids school in the Ukrainian government.controlled area in Donbass was damaged by The Russian Stanitsia Luhanska shelling during Russia vs Ukraine. And also two teachers have been injured in this firing.while the power supply of one  of the village has come to a standstill. The attacker  which is in the Donbass is clearly Russia. The attack is the direct violation of the Minsk Agreements. Also this reflects Russia’s neglect of re-contact between The Ukrainian citizens on both sides of the border.

Two teachers injured in attack

Due to this attack, The two teachers  also have been injured and the electricity supply of a village has come to a standstill. It is also being said that the attacker targeting the Donbass is clearly The Russia. Local media reports in The Ukraine said there were total  47 incidents of shootings, in which five people are injured. This attack is the violation of the Minsk Agreement. In which it has been  clearly said that the war in Donbass will end for forever . And at the same time, the Russian news agency Tass is said that the situation on the Russia-Ukraine border can  be worsen at any time during fight  Russia vs Ukraine  . Meanwhile, also the US told the UN Security Council that the information clearly indicates that more than 150,000 Russian troops gathered near The Ukraine’s borders ar efor  preparing to attack Ukraine “in the coming days”.

The US also said that The  Russia plans to “make up an excuse” for the attack.

Russia’s aggression  is increased – America

“As we are meeting today, the most immediate threat to peace and security is  The Russia’s growing aggression is  against  the Ukraine,” .US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said at the UN Security Council meeting on The Ukraine, leaving for the Munich Security Conference. Blinken.who arrived in The New York to address the Security Council, said in the past months .The Russia has deployed more than 150,000 troops around The  Ukraine’s borders without “provocation or justification”.

He said, ‘ The Russia says that it is withdrawing those soldiers. We do not see this will  happening at the ground level. Our information clearly is also indicates that these forces, including ground troops, aircraft, ships, and many more are preparing to launch an attack on The Ukraine in the coming days.

The Russia is on the path of war – Blinken

Blinken said that ‘we don’t know exactly’ how things will be unfold. He said, ‘Actually, it is just the coming to the fore. Today, as The Russia embarks on a war path, posing a new threat of military action. The Russia is, first of all, planning to make up an excuse for its attack . It is a moment of crisis for the lives and safety of millions as well as the ‘rules-based’ international order . That underpins the United Nations Charter and maintains stability around the world. The US also said that if Ukraine does not attack, Blinken will meet with .The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov next week.

The  Ukraine is still under the threat of war (The Russia Ukraine Conflict). Violence continues in the eastern part of the country. Due to which there is also news of the death of two The Ukrainian soldiers. During the last 24 hours in The Ukraine, on February 19. The Russian Armed Forces  also have recorded 136 incidents of ceasefire violations. Of which 116 have used weapons that are banned under the Minsk Agreement. At the same time, the US accused Russian troops of advancing and being “ready to attack” near the Ukrainian border. Crimea is also being discussed amidst this dispute between The Ukraine and The Russia.

In fact, in the year 2014, there was a dispute between Crimea and Russia. which was part of Ukraine, after which Crimea became part of Russia.

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