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Many people use computers, but do you know that there are some small and smart Top 10 computer Shortcut Key in this computer. Which makes our working experience even better and easier.

In this post, we will tell you about some such new Top 10 computer Shortcut Key . Which can be of great use to you.

If you do not like to move your hands on the mouse or touchpad again and again while working on the keyboard, then we are telling you some such Top 10 computer Shortcut Key, which will make your work easier. This information will be of great use to you even if you never have a mouse (failure). Click further and know…


Keyboard is an input device. Which we use to type data in the computer and give instructions. We do all this work manually step by step.

But we can accomplish some tasks in a pinch through Keyboard Shortcuts keys. And you can save your time.

Here we are telling about Top 10 computer Shortcut Key. Using which you can complete some of your computer tasks in seconds.

Here we are going to tell about Top 10 computer Shortcut Key. You may know some of these Shortcut Keys. Still, if you think that you know this, then you can pour out your knowledge. And those who are new can increase their computer keyboard knowledge and learn about all shorcut keys of computer.

Note:- All the shortcut  keyboard key mentioned here are being told on the basis of Windows OS only.

1. Opening and closing tabs

If you want to close a tab in a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, press Ctrl+W. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+w will close the entire window. If you accidentally closed a tab, don’t worry. Just press Ctrl+Shift+T.  It is one of the best laptop shortcut key.

2. Increase or decrease the font size in Microsoft Word

If you are working in Microsoft Word, there is no need to move the mouse or touchpad to adjust the font. Press Ctrl+] to increase font size and Ctrl+[ to decrease font size.

Decrease window size (Zoom out – Zoom in)

If you have a browser open and the window needs to be zoomed out or zoomed in, you can zoom in by pressing the + sign with Ctrl and the sign with Ctrl. If you’re using a laptop or using the buttons above the alphabets on the keyboard, you’ll need to press Shift along with Control.

4. Switch between windows or Bin applications

Sometimes we work by opening multiple windows or applications. Holding the mouse to switch to another application or window every time seems like a tedious task. For this you can use Alt+Tab. In Windows 7 and Windows 8, you have to press the Tab button along with the Windows button.

5. Delete shortcut key (Deleting Files)

When you delete a file, it goes to the Recycle and you have to delete it from there. If you use Shift+Delete, the file will not go to the Recycle Bin and will be completely deleted.

6. Taking Screenshots

Sometimes you feel the need to take screenshots while working. Press Print Screen on desktop and Fn+Print Screen on laptop and open a new file in Paint or Photoshop and paste it.

7. Counting Words Keyboard key

In Microsoft Word, many times we want to know how many words matter. A tool for this is word count. But we often forget where the word cound is. So select the text and after pressing Alt + T press W .

8. View Home Screen Directly

If you have multiple windows or apps open and you want to see your screen, there is no need to minimize them one by one. Simply command press D with the windows button.

9.Shortcut to shutdown ( lock the computer)

If you are going somewhere for a while between work, especially in the office, then go with your computer locked. For this press L along with the windows button.

10. Minimizing and Maximizing All Windows/Applications

Press M together with the windows button to minimize all windows/applications. Press Shift and M along with the Windows button to maximize all windows/applications in Full picture.

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