Top 5 Amazing Android Phone Camera Tricks

Top 5 Amazing Android Phone Camera Tricks

Most of the people use Smartphone Camera to capture their  photo or to take selfie. But today I will tell you about Top 5 Amazing Android Phone Camera Tricks. With which you can make Phone Camera more Useful and Cool Camera. If we talk about Smartphone Camera trick, then today I am not going to tell you that Best Android Phone Video Trick or Best Photography trick. The Top 5 Amazing Android Phone Camera Tricks that I am going to tell here have nothing to do with Video recording and Selfie. Just these are all simple camera hacks which are important for everyone.

Every Android phone has many such features. About which many people do not know till today, if we talk about today’s time, then people will not know that what is the use of giving 3 or 4 cameras together in the phone? There are many other such camera tricks, knowing about which you can become a smart photographer.

All the smartphone camera tricks have been told here. All of them are already given in your phone, just you do not know about them. Today here we are going to tell about all those, using which you can solve many problems in a pinch. For example, if you want to know the meaning of the text written on an image in Hindi. Then you have to move the camera forward and the information will be in front of you in Hindi.

Top 5 Amazing Android Phone Camera Tricks  

Top 5 Amazing Android Phone Camera Tricks  
1.1 Trick 1. (Google translate)  
1.2 Trick 2. (Photomath)  
1.3 Trick 3. (Heart Rate Monitor)  
1.4 Trick 4. (CrookCatcher):  
1.5 Trick 5. (Smart Measure):  

There are many other such tricks and features that are given in every camera Android phone but we do not use it. Because all these features do not come in the list of core specifications of the phone. That’s why you do not know about them. Today from here you will get complete information and you can take advantage of them while using the camera.

Trick 1. (Google translate)

If you are a student or keep traveling, then this Google Translate Trick can be of great help to you. Because many times it happens that you do not know the meaning of a word or you are in a place. where some other language is used and something is written on the Signboard. So with the help of your camera, you can easily read that word in your language.

Eg. If you do not know the meaning of Engineer Word in Hindi. So you just bring your phone’s camera on top of this word, you will see its Hindi name “Engineer” in Camera.

Trick 2. (Photomath):

This Camera trick is specially for the students from 5 to 12 standard. With the help of Photomath App, you can know the answer of any Math Equation immediately. For this, you just have to scan the equation written in the copy or book with the camera of your phone. After that you will get the answer on the same, if you want, you can also check its solution.

This is an application that can answer all your maths questions in a pinch. It takes a lot of hard work to make such a mobile app and whoever has made it has done wonders. You do not even need to write the question, just open the camera and bring the question in front of it.You will see the result immediately.

Trick 3. (Heart Rate Monitor):

With the help of this app, you can do Heart Rate Monitor by putting finger on the camera. If you do workouts or you are searching for an alternative to Smart Band. Then Heart Rate Monitor Android App is the best. Because up to 85% correct rate monitor does. For this work, when you go to the hospital and there you have to pay at least 100 rupees every time to check your heart rate, but now your mobile does this work for free.

Trick 4. (CrookCatcher):

The most fun camera trick is in Top 5 Amazing Android Phone Camera Tricks. If you want to change your Phone Camera to Spy Security Camera, then install Crookcatcher App in the phone. Because through this app you can take a photo of the person who tries to unlock the phone in your absence.

If you feel that someone secretly uses your phone at home or someone in the office uses it. So you download this app, it secretly captures the picture of every person who tries to use your phone and that person has no idea about it.

Trick 5. (Smart Measure):

Distance (distance) and height (height) can be measured through Phone Camera with Smart Measure App. It does not tell absolutely accurate values ​​but remains true to a large extent. Suppose if your height is 5’9″ then Smart Measure will show you any value between 5’8′ and 6′. If you do not have the information, then you cannot find out the correct height, for example, if we talk about the measurement of height, then there are many small and big measurements like millimeter, centimeter, inch, foot, meter, kilometer and many more. Which you get in this app and you will know the height of whatever object you will take the camera in front of.

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