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Delhi MCD Election 2022

 Those who were suspecious about the MCD elections and were talking that the elections might be postponed . Those speculations have been put to rest by the State Election Commission. The commission has also said that the Delhi MCD Election 2022 will be held in April.  The Returning officers have also been appointed for each wards  of Delhi  to set up polling stations for the elections. 72 Returning Officers also have been made to set up polling stations in 272 wards. In this , The 28 returning officers have been appointed for 104 wards of North MCD of Delhi  and 28 for so many wards of South MCD of Delhi . 16 Returning Officers have been appointed in 64 wards of East MCD.

Delhi MCD Election 2022

Yesterday, the State Election Commission has given a big statement regarding the dates for the municipal elections in Delhi . (Delhi MCD Election 2022). Delhi Election Commissioner SK Srivastava has said that the central government has raised some issues . Which are yet to be legally investigated. We will not be Fully  able to announce the MCD election dates yet. They will take a few more days. We have to conduct this elections before May 18. He further said that we are not postponing the elections. If the integration of municipal corporations takes place before May 18, then we will have to examine the situation. So we need time for  to get a legal opinion on this.

1250 voters at every polling station

State Election Commission officials also have made it clear that in view of the corona infection . The number of voters at a polling station in 2017 was not be as much this time. This time , The strict instructions have been given to the returning officers for keeping  the maximum number of 1250 voters at each polling station . So that it is will easy to maintain the proper social distancing. The returning officers have been asked to set up the polling stations . In each wards as per the proper convenience of the voters, within a maximum 1km radius .

16,000 polling stations to be built

The number of polling stations for the upcoming MCD elections  of Delhi Muncipal corporation will be more as compared to the previous MCD elections. It is said that this time around 16,000 polling stations will be built for elections . In the year 2017, only 13,234 polling stations were set up. Then the number of 1500 voters at a station was fixed.

Preparing to unite the three bodies

Delhi Election Commissioner SK Srivastava has said that the central government is working on a plan of  the complete integration of the three corporations of Delhi. That is the main reason  why there is a delay in the announcement for  the election schedule. He told that all the they complete all the  preparations . Some things have come from the Goverment of central , due to which we are not announcing the election schedule at this time. The government has some other plan. Let us tell you that the Delhi MCD Election 2022 are to be held by May 18  of this year. There are total 104-104 wards in the North and South Delhi Municipal Corporations of Delhi.

When were the MCD elections held in 2017

In the year 2017, elections to the three municipal corporations – North Delhi, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, and East Delhi Municipal Corporation were held on 23 April. At the same time, the results were released on 26 April. In the elections held in the year 2017, 54 percent voter turnout was recorded. At the same time, in the 2012 civic elections, there was 53.3 percent voting.

BJP occupied for 15 years

For the last several months, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Congress . They have been preparing their pitch for the municipal elections in Delhi. Let us tell you, delhi mcd election result  BJP has been winning the MCD elections for the last 15 years. The special thing is that AAP formed its government in Delhi for the second consecutive term . In 2020 with an overwhelming majority, but it could not win the municipal elections. This time AAP wants to remove BJP from municipal rule.

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