Best 7 time for Drinking water

Best 7 time for Drinking water

Water drinking time: Drink water 7 times a day at this time, you will never fall ill

To always stay healthy and dehydrated, it is most important that you drink plenty of water. But before that you also need to know the right time to drink it.
Drinking water keeps our body hydrated and healthy. It is very important to live life. Every cell in our body needs water. Water is not only important for your digestion but also for heart, lung and brain function. But do you know when and how many times a day should you drink water? According to experts, water works best when you know the right time and amount to drink it. How much bottles of water should i drink a day?

Best time to drink water to lose weight

Many people use water for boost their mood or lose weight. But still their weight does not decrease. Know why this happens? best time to drink water for weight loss ? It simply means that you drink water, but do not know when and how much to drink it. And then this small mistake spoils all your hard work. Well it is said that pregnant women should drink more and more water to stay hydrated. Whereas men should make a habit of drinking 13 cups and women 9 cups of water throughout the day.
So let’s know in this article that drinking water 7 times a day will prove beneficial for your health.

Good time to drink water with food

Many people do not drinking water at all during having a meal. It is completely wrong to do so. According to experts, drinking water with food keeps the digestive system healthy. It is important to drink water along with high fiber food. Actually, this fiber passes through our digestive system and also absorbs the water. Water aids in the formation of stool and promotes regularity.

Drink H-20 water when you have a headache

Sometimes a headache can also be a major symptom of dehydration. According to the National Headache Foundation, especially if you have a migraine, increase your water intake. It is completely helpful in reducing the severity, frequency and duration of migraine.

Drink a glass of water before meals-

Of course you may have drank water immediately, but a glass of water must be drunk before eating to control food cravings. According to most experts, water plays a very good role in your weight management. If you drink a cup of water before a meal, you will feel full. In such a situation, you will be saved from eating more food than necessary and the weight will also be under control.

Drink water in the morning

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing to do is to drink one to two cups of water. You are not able to drink water while sleeping at night, due to which you are already dehydrated best drink for dehydration is water. So drink water to always keep the body hydrated.

Stay hydrated before and after exercise

If you are starting exercise, then start drinking water two days in advance. It is important to keep yourself completely hydrated during and after exercise. Otherwise, performance may decrease if you are dehydrated. Water should be drunk one hour before going for jogging and squats in the morning. Hydrate yourself well even after the completion of the workout.

drink a sip of water before sleeping

Whenever you go to sleep at night, before going to sleep, definitely drink a sip or two of water. Some people do not do this because they are lazy to go to the toilet, but drinking water is a good habit for a better night’s sleep. When should you stop drinking water before bed ?

Switch coffee in the evening, drink water

In the evening, I definitely feel like drinking tea or coffee. It is better that you drink more water instead of coffee . Because a drink like coffee or tea can disturb your sleep at night. A research has proved that dehydration leads to a state of confusion and depression. In this way, making water your habit is a very good option to increase your energy.

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