How does smoking affect your health

How does smoking affect your health

What are effects of smoking –

On 31st of may of every year we celebrated World No Tobacco Day . The purpose of celebrating this is to make people aware about the harms of tobacco consumption is tobacco bad for you . It is well known that nicotine starts accumulating in the lungs due to the consumption of tobacco and gradually acts like a slow poison in the body. How does smoking affect your health it is not only damages the lungs, but also causes many diseases related to respiratory and throat.

We all know the habit of quitting  smoking is very difficult. But if you are determined and ready  to quit smoking, the first thing you need to do is eliminate the nicotine stored in your lungs.On No Tobacco Day, we are telling you some of the easy ways, which will easily not only get rid of smoking addiction, but it will also help you to clean the lungs like before.

How does smoking effect the circulatory system

First  so let’s talk about how the lungs work and how does smoking affect your lungs. When you breathe in, and air moves into your airway, which splits into two airways, called bronchi. These bronchi is divide into smaller airways in your bodies , which are called bronchioles. These are the smallest airways present  in the lungs. At the end of each of the bronchioles there is small air sac which called alveoli. Now when you smoke, you  are inhaling  about 600 compounds at a time. These compounds broken down into several thousand chemicals in your body . Most of these compounds are responsible for causing cancer.

Harmful effects of tobacco

How does tobacco affect the lungs of your body. Know how-

  • Heart-Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict, which slows the flow of oxygen to other parts of the body. In such a situation, it is difficult for the heart to work properly.
  • Brain-The presence of nicotine in your body makes you feel very  tired. Which can esaily distract your attention.
  • respiratory system (how does smoking affect your breathing)- The addiction of smoking can cause inflammation in your lungs. Due to which you may have to  trouble in  breathing.
  • reproductive system-Over time smoking can cause infertility and a decrease in sexual desire.

Simple ways to clean nicotine from the lungs-

Do the exercise-

People who gradually quit smoking should definitely exercise. This strengthens the breathing system and reduces the amount of nicotine stored in the lungs.

Avoid dairy products

Smoking for many years regularly  has led to the accumulation of nicotine in the lungs, so you need to stay away from milk products at the first time. You Can easily get rid of nicotine accumulated in the lungs very quickly.

Drink hot liquids

According to the one of the top American Lung Association, staying hydrated is essential for your  lung health. In such situation, You must need drinking  8-10 glasses of water every day . It can easily dilute the mucus accumulated in your lungs. Drinking tea or just hot water can clears the airways.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods

Smokers have inflammation in their lungs, which makes breathing difficult. Also a  study published in Pubmed (pubmed.ncbi) has proved that eating foods which rich in anti-inflammatory properties such as  your blueberries, cherries, spinach, almonds and olives reduce inflammation in your body. Apart from this, drinking green tea rich in anti-inflammatory properties will also prove beneficial in eliminating nicotine from the lungs.

The decision to quit smoking is one of the most important and Right decisions you will make. The methods mentioned above How does smoking affect your health  here to remove the nicotine from your lungs will surely prove to be helpful for you and your health.

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