Menstrual cup- Feminine Hygiene products

Menstrual cup- Feminine Hygiene products

The things you need to know about the Menstrual Cup

Every woman wants her periods to be comfortable for her. Some use sanitary pads, some use tampons to avoid stains from leakage. But it is quite hectic to change them frequently when there is more leakage and if there is a stain, then its tension is different Menstrual cup- Feminine Hygiene products . In such a situation, you can use a how to use cup in periods menstrual cup to avoid any hassle of leakage.

Let us tell you that even today there are many women who do not know about the menstrual cup. They hesitate to even talk about it and in buy it. According to doctors, a menstrual cup is a great feminine hygiene products to make you feel comfortable in your menstrual cycle . The good thing is that it can be easily used by women of all ages. Just need to know the right way. Today for safety of all women , we will tell you all the things you need to know about the Menstrual Cup.

Feminine hygiene products

Menstrual cup is basically a type of cup ,which used in period feminine hygiene products. This is a small flexible funnel-shaped cup made from rubber or silicone that is inserted into the vagina to collect all the period fluid. But if you are comfortable with putting this cup inside and touching the vagina, then you can easily  adopt this option of menstrual cup.

There are also some other disposable menstrual cups available in the market. It can used according to age and size. By the way, women which are under the age of 30 are suggested to use smaller cups. Whereas women over the age of 30 are asked to use cups in larger sizes.

Before using the cup, you should know which is the right and perfect  size for you. There are some  few  other things to consider in order to find the right menstrual cup size. like-

  • Your age
  • length of cervix
  • heavy flow or not
  • flexibility of cup
  • Have you had a normal delivery or not?

How to use Menstrual Cup-

Menstrual cups are  one of the safest and easiest way to manage periods. It is completely safe for your body. The best part is that it can be easily reused beacause  it is made from eco-friendly materials.

If you are also going to use a menstrual cup for the first time in your life . You need to know how to place menstrual cup , then first you need to make it a little smooth.

First Wash your hands and then slowly fold the cup in half. Or else hold the rim upwards in the shape of  C .

Insert the cup into the vagina.

  • Swirl the cup in circular motions to form an completely airtight circle around the vagina.
  • Make sure to see if you are completely comfortable after applying the menstrual cup.
  • Many times the menstrual cup gets slip due to the greasiness, in such a situation, you can wash it thoroughly and apply it again in the vagina.

when and how to remove menstrual cup

Depending on your flow, you can wear the menstrual cup for almost 6 to 12 hours. But once after 12 hours you should need to take out the cup. Because in case of  the over filling, the risk of get leaking will also increase.

How to remove menstrual cup-

  1. Wash your hands first.
  2. Now put your index finger and thumb inside the vagina and properly  hold the cup from the bottom. After that easily open the seal by pressing it.
  3. Slowly take out the cup.
  4. Empty the cup into the toilet and rinse thoroughly with water.

Benefits of Menstrual Cup-

  1. Menstrual cups are cheap.
  2. Much safer than tampons.
  3. Menstrual cups do not dry out the vagina like tampons.
  4. The blood that comes out during periods when in contact with the air produces an odor, whereas this is not the case with the menstrual cup.
  5. Can collect more blood than a pad or tampon.
  6. It is not necessary to remove some soft disposable cups while having sex.

Disadvantages of using Menstrup Cup

  1. Sometimes using them can lead to messes.
  2. Sometimes it is very difficult to get them out.
  3. It is difficult to find their exact size.
  4. Allergies can be caused by silicone or rubber material.
Caring of cups

Re-used menstrual cups should always be washed and kept clean. The cup should be empty at least twice a day. By the way, reusable menstrual cups are durable and with proper care, you can use them for 6 months to 10 years. But the disposable cup should be thrown away after using it once.

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