In recent times the usage of headphones has assumed great significance and popularity. This is because the intense competition in the market has led to some of the most interesting innovations in terms of usage and convenience. From the top of the line Bluetooth connectivity to enhanced audio quality, truly earphones have come a long way! However, the present competitive market has some serious advantages for modern customer too. This advantage can be felt with regard to the various types and different range of products that one can easily choose from.

If you are still confused about which headphones to buy then here’s a list of some of the best headphones in recent times.

Boult Audio Flex

Boult Audio Flex is another stellar product that has the company’s quality ingrained into its more than amazing audio quality. Like all other cheap wireless headphones, the Boult Audio Flex is one of the most amazing products. It has foldable design and AUX connectivity. Thus, you can carry it with yourself everywhere you want.

Boat Rockerz 400

This wireless headphone from Boat has an amazing reputation for the great acoustic quality but sadly does not rival the Boult Audio probass curve in terms of sound quality. With it, you will get a playback time of about 8 hours and 10 metres of connectivity which helps you sue it every day. However, use it with proper care as the headphones are quite delicate. Both the earcups have ample padding, but if you have big ears, you might feel a little problem after a few hours of use. 

Boult Audio Boost

It is equipped with Bluetooth Version V4.2and has over 10m transmission distance. Therefore, in short, Boult Audio Ranger is one of the best boult headphones ever. Its long charging capacity, longer playtime, multipurpose button functionality and other features are some of the most amazing reasons why you should immediately buy them.


This is one of the most prolific sound cancellation earphones that can easily mesmerize you with amazing sound clarity as well as quantity. Although over the years the quality of the technological achievement has enhanced and at last it is possible to ensure that you can binge on any TV series or movie with your partner. It does not have AUX-in Slot and the extra bass may hurt your ears during phone calls. 

Leaf Beast Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

If you are looking for a headphone that can give you playback time of 30 hours and standby time of almost 12 days, then you need to choose Leaf Beast Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. It has a Bluetooth connection v4.1 and you will get about 33 feet of connectivity. One major drawback is it is made of plastic. So you have to be very careful while using it. 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, it is important to consider that the headphones that provide some of the most amazing services and good audio quality will be preferred by most consumers. Thus, it is not just important to provide good features but is also important in ensuring that these features become obsolete with every new version of the headphones.

By Yogesh Joshi

Engineer by profession and writer by passion- News with Innovation

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