Fix speed issue in laptop or pcFix speed issue in laptop or pc

Speed up your Laptop/ PC – Recently I have heard from many users that windows is not working properly after completing update. There can be multiple reasons for this issues but what if I tell you some steps to perform on your device and resolve this problem.

You know Windows updates are huge and they are basically a complete new version of the operating system which you use . One of the cause of this issue is almost everything changes after update and it can impact the performance of your PC.

Instead of being fast and it may become slow, sometimes also it becomes unresponsive.

Run Disk- Clean Up

One of the major problem is the number of files that are created during an update. The update itself use approx 5 GB but that is not enough , it also make a backup of the Windows folder and this could be over 30 GB

The total space will be 40 GB during and after an windows update. Windows will also automatically get cleaning up the system, but it will take up to a month and  I know you don’t want unwanted files.

One of the problem is that it could make the disk short of space and when your disk space is low, then Windows runs slow. Another problem is that the large number of unwanted files adds to the disk clutter which looks very bad. Mechanical disk drives will help you it work best when there is a lot of free space in them and today lot of PCs still have mechanical disks.

Steps for cleaning up Run-Disk

1.Go to the( Start menu)

2.Expand Windows 3- Administrative Tools

4.Click on (Disk Clean-up)

5.Click on (Clean up system files)

6.Select everything

7.Click (OK)

Replace updated drivers

The major Windows updates will sometimes replace drivers with newer versions, but sometimes those drivers are not as good as they used to before. After update, have to reinstall the manufacturer’s audio drivers because the old is always are replaced by Microsoft and they do not work as well.

It will help you to keep a copy of the your PC’s original drivers for just in case problems arise with Windows Update.

Check the disk for errors-  A lot of files are moved or created during a major Windows update and it is a very good idea to check the disk for problems before it . This can be easily done by right clicking the C: drive in Explorer, selecting Properties, after that the Tools tab and clicking on Check. I promise this will help you.

Remove unused software

Many PC Seller ship  their machines with bundled which comes with third party software, which is normally due to its large size and unnecessary nature  is sometimes referred to as ‘Bloatware’. Users also install software for their a specific purpose and never use it again and sometimes they forget about it e.g. designing a newsletter.

 Different Redundant programs easily take up space on your hard drive and it can reduce your PC performance. To check your installed apps follow the following steps “go to”

  1.  ‘Control Panel’
  2. ”Programs’
  3. ‘Programs Features’ 
  4. ‘Uninstall a Program’.

And now Right-click on any programs which you no longer need and select ‘Uninstall’. And after that Windows 10 will ask for permission to make changes to your system.  Finally, Click ‘Yes’ to continue and its free.

By following above mentioned trick you can easily solve your issue and speed up your Laptop/ PC . If you face any other error or problem you can contact us will help you to resolve.

By Yogesh Joshi

Engineer by profession and writer by passion- News with Innovation

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