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Coronavirus has become death call for most of the people. Whole world has been stopped due to this pandemic disease, everything is stuck like world is going to end. But we have advance mechanism in medical with help of this many patients of COVID-19 also got recovered. Many doctors are doing research to make antidote to fight coronavirus. 

Everyone of us taking precautions to escape from coronavirus and govt. has also given some guidelines to fight. The best solution to stay away from COVID-19 is to maintain social distancing, no other way can help us to fight with disease. Because virus is spreading in different ways like- Shaking hands, sneezing, touching infected places, etc.

Yes, you read absolutely correct in heading. Can fart spread coronavirus? An Australian researcher claims this. Fart is an chemical composition of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon di oxide, methane and oxygen. one percent of fart contains hydrogen sulfide gas and mercantilism. It contains sulfur, which is responsible for stink in fart.

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Is this reported statement is true?

See no one loves to fart in public place or even in front of anyone but it’s natural. Lead Australian researcher,  Dr Andy Tagg said in a tweet that fart contains some particles which can transmit or act as carrier of any disease.  In support of his statement he comes with report of some coronavirus patients found positive and finds around 55% of patients had virus in their faeces. Many experts also warned people earlier about this fact that virus can be pass in this way also.

To stay safe from this type of transmission experts suggested that to wear proper clothing like pant and underpants. This can cut the risk of transmission. Or if you can be aside at the time of fart where no one is around. Stay safe stay at home.

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