Charcoal clean quiz- Amazon Quiz
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Charcoal clean quiz- Amazon Quiz

Charcoal clean quiz – Again amazon India comes with new amazon quiz.Today’s amazon quiz prize Rs. 10,000Amazon India daily comes with new quiz, includes new amazing gifts and amazon pay balance. For this quiz amazon’s hashtag is #AmazonCharcoalcleanquiz

How to enter in Charcoal Clean Quiz

  • First step to sign in the Amazon app from your device.
  • Secondly, go to the FUNZONE
  • Select Charcoal clean quiz
  • You will get total of 5 questions
  • Answer each question correct and stand a chance to win Rs. 10,000

Let’s Start Playing and Earning 

1. What is the main ingredient in Colgate Charcoal Clean Toothpaste?
(A) Bamboo Charcoal
(B) Activated Charcoal
(C) Compressed Charcoal
(D) Pencil Charcoal
2. What is the color of Colgate Charcoal Clean Toothpaste?
(A) Red
(B) Blue
(C) Green
(D) Black
3. What type of mint is used in Colgate Charcoal Clean Toothpaste?
(A) Summeryellow Mint
(B) Monsoonblue Mint
(C) Wintergreen Mint
(D) Springred Mint
4. Colgate Charcoal Clean Toothpaste has a black gel format
5. Which of the following is NOT offered by Colgate?
(A) Toothpaste
(B) Toothbrush
(C) Deodorants
(D) Mouthwash



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