Coupon carnival quiz

Coupon Carnival Quiz– Answer the questions in amazon quiz so you can stand a chance to win Rs. 2,000. Answer updated for coupon carnival quiz. Amazon India daily uploads quiz and winners gets cash prize, amazon pay balance, gadgets,etc.

Steps to enter coupon carnival quiz

  • Open Amazon India app in your Android/ iOS phone and sign in with your account.
  • Go to the FunZone, tap on that.
  • Select Coupon Carnival Quiz and play
  • You will get total 4 questions.
  • You need to answer all 4 questions correctly to eligible for prize amount.


You can now get additional discount on products listed on over and above their existing price. Using which of these offering can you avail this benefit?

(A) Amazon Family

(B) Amazon Coupons 

(C) Quiz Time

(D) Amazon Pantry

Quiz Ans- B


Question 2. 

The ______ is an ongoing event on, which offers coupons giving additional discount on over 7,50,000+ products.

(A) Super Value Day

(B) Coupon Carnival 

(C) Subscription Fest

(D) Value Bazaar

Quiz ans- B 

Question 3.

Till when is the coupon carnival live on

(A) 15th August

(B) 25th December

(C) 19th July 

(D) 28th October

Quiz Ans- C 


Question 4. 

Which of the following is not the correct way to reach to coupon page on Amazon?

(A) Searching ‘Amazon Coupons’ in search bar

(B) Visiting :

(C) By sharing story on Instagram

(D) By clicking on Amazon coupons under program and feature

Quiz Ans- c 

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