Current Affairs Quiz- 3rd July

Current affairs quiz (2)

Current Affairs Quiz–  Most of the students prepares for competitive exams but not all of them get jobs. Most important section to clearing competitive exams is to keep yourself updated about current affairs quiz questions. You have to read, learn and understand latest current affairs on a daily basis. There are many exams like UPSC, Bank, SSC, RRB or other Government (Sarkari) Exams, which demand students to be updated with what’s happening in India as well as around the world . Insights current affairs is the core part of the general awareness section of above mentioned exams.

Current Affairs- 2nd July

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Current Affairs Quiz- 3rd July

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Who has been Named as the India’s Most Valuable Player of 21 Century by Wisden?

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Who has been Appointed as the India’s Next Envoy to United Nations Bodies and Other International Organization in Geneva?

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Who has been Appointed as the Pakistan’s First Female lt. General?

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____________ Quits as ICC Chairman after two year Tenures.

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‘Nasha Mukht Bharat Annual Action Plan’ (2020-2021) was recently Launched for How many Affected District of India?

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Which of the Following Country has Passed an Ordinance to Prosecute those Who Damage National Monuments, hence Making it Punishable Offense With Upto 10 Years in Jail?

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Recently, FIFA Has Approved the COVID-19 Relief Fund of $1.5 Billion. Who is the President of FIFA?

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____________has become the New CEO of Central Board of Films Certifications (CBFC)

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Who Becomes the New Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation replacing Sanjiv Singh, who retired on 30 June.

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Sanjay Dwivedi has been Appointed as the Director of ?

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‘Matsya Sampada’ Ist Edition Newletter Published by which department?

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Which of the Following State has Announced ‘Dream Kerala Project’ aiming to Gain potential and Experience of those Returning from Abroad or other States After Losing their Jobs due to Covid-19?

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The E-way Bill is Mandatory for more than what Amount of the Value of Inter- State Movement of Goods?

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Who is the Chairman of National Disaster Management Authority?

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Who is the Drug Controller General of India?

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