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current affairs-4th July

Current Affairs today’s session includes revision of first week of July. Very first thing what is current affairs? Any event or changes happening all over the world in terms of politics or social interest or any important change comes under current affairs.

Here you can get daily current affairs updates, gk quiz updates, current affair quiz also gk current affairs quiz. We have formats like play, learn and enjoy. this helps students to understand better for long period for time.

Weekly Current Affairs

Which is the best performing state controlling TB as per “India TB (Tuberculosis) Report 2020”?

a. Odisha
b. Gujarat
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Himachal Pradesh

Recently, NASA Has Announced to Named their Headquarters After?

a. Christian Koch
b. Mary W Jackson
c. Jims Bridenstine
d. Kathy Sulivan

Current Affairs Quiz- 4th July 

Which State in India has Won the First Prize under e-Panchayat Puraskar 2020?

a. Assam
b. Tripura
c. Himachal Pradesh
d. Odisha

Which Country Recently Offered Project Management Consultancy Contract for the Development of 500 MW Solar Park to NTPC?

a. Niger
b. Mali
c. Lebanon
d. Eygpt

What will be the GDP of India in 2020 as per estimation of International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

a. -2.2%
b. -3%
c. -4.5%
d. -4.4%

On which Day, MSME Day is Observed?

a. 25 June
b. 26 June
c. 27 June
d. 28 June

Who among the following was named asambassadors for the 45th edition of Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2020?

A. Priyanka Chopra
B. Deepika Padukone
C. Anurag Kashyap
D. Both 1) and 2)
E. Both 1) and 3)

First female president of Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in 233-years (with effect from October 1, 2021)?

a. Sana Mir
b. Clare Connor
c. Haider Knight
d. None of these

Recently, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has collaborated with IBM to Introduce Skill build Reignite and skill Build Innovation Camp. Who is the CEO of IBM?

a. Arvind Krishna
b. Peeka Lundmark
c. KV Kamath
d. Amitabh Kant
e. Marcos Troyjo

What is the Name of the App Launched by Dr. Harsh Vardhan in Partnership with Indian Red Cross Society ?

a. e-Blood Services
b. e-rakt
c. e-Rakht Sahita
d. e-Blood Need

Sanjay Kumar was appointed as the chief secretary of which state?

a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Maharashtra
c. Gujarat
d. Assam

Which of the Following Bank has Launched ‘Yuva Pay’ with the Partnership with UDMA Technologies?

a. Yes Bank
b. SBI Bank
c. HDFC Bank
d. Punjab National Bank

Vithabia Narayangaokar Lifetime Achievement Award will be Given to ____ by Maharashtra Government?

GK Quiz- Play,learn and Enjoy

a. Gulabbai Sangamnerkar
b. Mrudhai Denam
c. Somanata Yadav
d. Nirmata Yadav

On which day, International Asteroid day is Observed?

a. 26 June
b. 27 June
c. 28 June
d. 30 June

Which State Health Minister has been Honoured by United Nations for her Efforts to Fight with Covid-19?

a. Tamil Nadu
b. Punjab
c. Kerala
d. Odisha

Which Country has become the First to Control Locusts through Drones?

a. Pakistan
b. India
c. Nepal
d. Bangladesh

Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism?

a. Pramod Aggarwal
b. Prahlad Joshi
c. Prahlad Singh Patel
d. Narendra Singh Tomar

Which State becomes the 1st state to launch “Godhan Nyay Yojana” , to Procure Cow Dung From Livestock Owners?

a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Odisha
c. Chhattisgarh
d. Haryana

Who has become the new PM of Ireland?

a. Micheal Martin
b. Micheal D Higgins
c. Boris Johnson
d. Jaya Jaitly

Recently, Squadron Leader Pervez Jamasji Passed Away, he has been Awarded which Galantry Award?

a. Param Vir Chakra
b. Ashok Chakra
c. Vir Chakra
d. Mahavir Chakra

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

On which day, National Statistics day is Observed?

a. 27JUNE
b. 28 JUNE
c. 29 JUNE
d. 30 JUNE

National Doctors day is Observed in India?

a. 01 July
b. 02 July
c. 03 July
d. 04 July

Which of the Following Indian State has launched the Campaign ‘Kill Corona’ to Control the Spread of COVID-19?

a. Kerala
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Haryana
d. Gujarat

India has Signed an agreement for 600 MW Kholongchhu Joint Venture Hydroelectric Project with Which Country?

a. Nepal
b. Bhutan
c. Srilanka
d. Bangladesh

World Bank Approves $500 mn Under Which Project to Improve Education Quality in 6 Indian States?

c. SKY

Who has been Given the Additional charge of Governor of Madhya Pradesh?

a. Anandi Ben Patel
b. Lal ji Tandon
c. Fagu Chauhan
d. Satya Pal Malik

Recently, Footballer Mario Gomez Announces his Retirement, He played for Which Country?

a. France
b. Germany
c. Brazil
d. Russia

Full Story of Patanjali Corolin 

Who has become the New President of Malawi?

a. Lazarus Chakwera
b. Peter Mutharika
c. K.K Shailaja
d. Vini Mahajan

Paragraph on Corona Virus

Which of the Following Indian State has Developed India’s First Lichen Park?

a. Uttarakhand
b. Haryana
c. Gujarat
d. Odisha

Who has been Conferred with Ist P C Mahalanobis Award for Providing Solutions in the Issues related to the Estimation of National Income?

a. Dr Shakti Kant Das
b. Urjit Patel
c. C Rangarajan
d. Raghuram Rajan

India’s First Plasma Bank to be Set up which Indian State/UT?

a. Maharashtra
b. New Delhi
c. Odisha
d. Haryana

The 36TH ASEAN Summit virtually held in ?

a. Nepal
b. Bhutan
c. Vietnam
d. Indonesia

What is the Theme of National Doctors Day 2020?

a. Lessen the Mortality of Covid-19
b. Doctors are Warriors
c. Doctors Save Life
d. Doctors Serves the Nation

Which of the Following State has Launched ‘Hamara Ghar- Hamara Vidyalaya’?

a. Odisha
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Gujarat
d. Haryana

Who has been Re-elected as the President of ICELAND?

a. Gudni Th. Johannesson
b. Lazarus Chakwera
c. Mario Gomez
d. None of these

On which day, National Postal Worker Day is Observed?

a. 01 July
b. 02 July
c. 03 July
d. 04 July

Who has been Named as the India’s Most Valuable Player of 21 Century by Wisden?

a. Rohit Sharma
b. Ravindra Jadega
c. Ben Storkes
d. Ross Taylor

Who has been Appointed as the India’s Next Envoy to United Nations Bodies and Other International Organization in Geneva?

a. TS Tirumurti
b. Indra Mani Pandey
c. Rajiv K Chandra
d. Syeed Akburuddin

Who has been Appointed as the Pakistan’s First Female lt. General?

a. Nigar Johar
b. Jeena Akar
c. Rahul Dev
d. Aisha Mughal

‘Nasha Mukht Bharat Annual Action Plan’ (2020-2021) was recently Launched for How many Affected District of India?

a. 172
b. 272
c. 372
d. 472

Current Affairs Quiz- 3rd July 

Which of the Following Country has Passed an Ordinance to Prosecute those Who Damage National Monuments, hence Making it Punishable Offense With Upto 10 Years in Jail?

a. UK
b. USA
c. Russia
d. China

Recently, FIFA Has Approved the COVID-19 Relief Fund of $1.5 Billion. Who is the President of FIFA?

a. Antonio Guterres
b. Gainni Infantino
c. Jens Stolenberg
d. Jim Bridenstine

Which of the Following State has Announced ‘Dream Kerala Project’ aiming to Gain potential and Experience of those Returning from Abroad or other States After Losing their Jobs due to Covid-19?

a. West Bengal
b. Gujarat
c. Kerala
d. Odisha

Recently, the Union Government has Increased the Budget of Which UT Four times?

a. Jammu and Kashmir
b. Ladakh
c. New Delhi
d. Chandigarh

Who was the MD and CEO of Indian Overseas Bank?

a. Karnam Sekar
b. Indra Mani Pandey
c. Nigar Johar
d. Imran Khawja

On which day, World Sports Journalists Day is Observed?

a. 01 July
b. 02 July
c. 03 July
d. 04 July

Which of the Following IIT Has launched World First online Degree ( course in Programming and Data Science?


Current Affairs Quiz- 2nd July 

Which of the following Bank has launched e-Kisan Dhan App for Farmers?

a. ICICI Bank
b. Yes Bank
c. HDFC Bank
d. SBI Bank

Recently, the US Federal Communication Commission has Designated which Two Chinese Companies as National Security Threats?

a. Oppo
b. Vivo
c. Huawei
d. ZTE Corporation
e. Both C and D
f. Both A and B

Which of the following IIT has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Deep Learning Tool which helps to Know about Covid-19 Patients with the Help of Chest X-Ray Images?

a. IIT Gandhinagar
b. IIT Bombay
c. IIT Madras
d. IIT Delhi

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