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GK QuizGeneral knowledge plays an important role on the basis of study. We should know that what is happening or what happened locally or internationally. We cover almost every subject so students can understand and also enjoy the gk quiz.

Today’s Current Affairs- 1st July 

Everyday we make quiz on general knowledge questions which also includes current affairs and other subjects. GkToday quiz is based on different subjects, so you can easily revise alomot each subject at one place.

We also include general knowledge 2019 question as well as general awareness topics. Gk quiz is the easiest way to learn general knowledge by playing. To improve your child gk you can play quiz with them, so they can understand well.

GkToday Quiz- Start Playing 

Created on By Yogesh Joshi

GkToday Quiz

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If a clock strikes 12 in 33 seconds, it will strike 6 in how many seconds ?

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What is Green Gold?

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Income Tax in India was introduced by

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The slogan

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The only session of the INC presided over by Mahatma Gandhi was

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Buddhism was introduced in China in the

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Amir Khusrau was a musician and

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The Day Gandhi launched non-cooperative movement,which national leader died?

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In which of the following body part , red blood cells originate?

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Which of the following is not computer language ?

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Fundamental duties were introduced in the constitution by

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Current Affairs- 30th June 

If you have answered above gktoday quiz then also try this. Because quiz is something we can play anytime anywhere. Play and learn and check your gk knowledge.

Created on By Yogesh Joshi


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Which Planet was first to be discovered through the telescope by Herschel in 1781

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The official position of A. O. Hume in the Indian National Congress was that of

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Hari Prasad Chaurasia plays which of the following instruments?

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How many countries has adopted

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Real name of Producer, Director, Lyrics writer Gulzar is ?

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The dance of India which contains a solo performance is ?

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Which of the following is flightless bird ?

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