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Hidden Mouse Tricks You Should Know

Mouse tricks!!! Everyone thinks mouse have limited functions to perform but wait there are lots of hidden functions except single or double click. I also didn’t know before finding these unknown tricks, mentioned below.

Hidden Mouse Tricks You Should Know!

Left Click Tricks

1. Double click the left button: highlights a word

2. Triple click the left button: highlights a paragraph- No joke! Why didn’t I know this?

3. Hold down the ALT and left mouse button: highlight a column of text

4. Select a specific amount of text- Click the left button on the character or word where you want the selection to start. Then move your cursor to the end of where your selection. Hold SHIFT key and left click. You have now highlighted your entire selection!

5. Left button hold + CTRL when you are dragging and dropping will COPY items

6. Left button hold + SHIFT when you are dragging and dropping will MOVE items

Mouse Wheel Tricks

Now these tricks have to do with the mouse wheel or scroll wheel. The mouse wheel is not a wheel. It is a button! Press the mouse wheel button. This is called “middle-click”. The middle-click perform different things in different programs.

7. For instance, on an internet page, using the middle-click on a link will automatically open the link in a new page. So cool and quick! Now I can open links in a new page without leaving the page I am on!

8. Middle-click on a blank spot in a page and a navigation tool appears. It allows you to move anywhere on the page quickly. Just lightly wiggle the mouse after you click. (In case you didn’t know, “wiggle” is a very technical term. Ha!) This is especially fast when going down or back up!

9. Hold CTRL down while using the mouse wheel: zooms in or zooms out of the page you are viewing. If you hold CTRL and scroll up, it makes the page bigger. If you hold CTRL and scroll down. it makes the page smaller. I have used this so so much! This works on the web but also in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint!

10. Middle click on a tab in your browser for a quick way to close the tab! No more searching for that little ‘x’.

Hope you learned new mouse tricks. Practice these tricks and apply them on your work and spread them.


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