Know How Smoker Get Addicted to Smoking
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Know How Smoker Get Addicted to Smoking- Detox Lungs Naturally

Lungs are the core part of our respiratory system. Work of lungs is to inhale and exhale of oxygen and carbon-di-oxide. Our lungs circulate oxygenated blood in our body that improves body functioning.

All smokers need to understand that 1 PUFF of cigarette inhale by them contains 7 thousand different harmful chemicals and 70 from them are extremely harmful for lungs and body and may also damage lungs cell. Smokers have 15-20% more chances of getting lungs cancer as compare to normal person.

cigarette contains Tabaco and Tabaco contains carbon monoxide, which is more harmful for human body.

How Smoker Get Addicted to Smoking-

Smoking is kind of addiction. It contains nicotine and it reaches very fast in our brain around 10 seconds. And start releasing dopamine, in result our mind start feeling calm and relax. But problem is that it increases our brain tolerance power only for nicotine not for for normal happy living.

Smoke increases carbon monoxide in our body at extreme level and hit our lungs very fast. Harmful chemicals start dissolving in our blood and travel in whole body. Which start effecting other organs like heart, kidneys, nails, etc. A smoker can’t have Heart rate and Blood-Pressure at normal range.

And our brain start requesting more demand of nicotine reason behind people start more smoking. They themselves don’t know how they reach form 1 cigarette in a day to 10 or more. This is how Smoker Get Addicted to Smoking.

Lungs Detoxing Drink

We need- 2 Lemon

-1 Ginger

– Mint or Pudina

-1 BITTER GOURD (remove seeds)

How to make drink Take 1 ml. water in a jug and add slices of lemon, pudina, grated ginger and bitter gourd in it. Now keep this jug in refrigerator for 5 to 6 hrs. Detoxing drink is ready, you can have it at morning empty stomach and before going to bed. Consume it for 3 days in a row and repeat the same every month.

Profits– Ginger helps in removing toxic elements and mucus from respiratory system. Bitter gourd makes our respiratory system strong and also have cancer preventing properties.

Second Drink– It requires one Onion , Turmeric , Ginger and Honey.

Procedure– Take 1 medium size bowl and add 1 glass water. Now add 1/2 chopped onion and ginger. Add 1 spoon Turmeric and boil it for 8-10 minutes. after that add 1 spoon honey and drink is ready. Consume it for 3 days in a row and repeat the same every month.

Profit– Onion contains anti-oxidants which protect linings of lungs. Onion is very effective for curing lungs infection. As we all know turmeric have medical properties.

Quiting Smoking Is Possible

Yes if you quit smoking you will find these changes-

  • 20 minutes your heart rate and blood-pressure start coming at normal range
  • After 12 hours level of carbon monoxide start decreasing from body
  • It takes 2 weeks to start lungs functioning better and you will find improvement in breathing.
  • 4 weeks later you can find a lot of positive changes.



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