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How to Enter in Quiz– World Animal Day Quiz

  • First you need to download Amazon App in your mobile.
  • Open the app and select Funzone
  • Select the Maggi new launch Quiz
  • You will get 5 questions, all questions are compulsory
  • Answer each question correctly and stand a chance to win Rs. 10,000

Amazon quiz contest today

1. What is the name of the new Maggi Noodles variant that has the taste of luscious green capsicums?

(A) Yummy Caps

(B) Cool Capsica

(C) Yummy Capsica

(D) Capsicum Masala

2. What is the name of the new Maggi Noodles variant where you get a taste of delicious tomatoes adding ‘masti’ to the Maggi masala taste?

(A) Tomato Masala

(B) Tangy Tomato

(C) Tomato Trouble

(D) Chatpata Tomato

3. Fill in the blanks to get a new Maggi Noodles variant:- Desi _______.

(A) Cheesy

(B) Cucumber

(C) Oregano

(D) Chilly

4. On the Maggi website customers can now choose India’s New Most _______ Taste. Fill in the blanks

(A) Rare

(B) Loved

(C) Funny

(D) Spicy

5. What sign do you need to click below the respective noodle variant to vote for it on the Maggi website?

(A) Hashtag

(B) Thumbs Up

(C) Heart

(D) Lightning

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