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New whatsapp trick and features-2020 :As we all know nowadays we all are using whatsapp on our smartphones. But we do really use its full potential? This answer is no, many of us don’t want anybody to see our privates chats . And some want to become invisible in their contact list. You can easily learn it by reading this article, after you read this complete article you can easily do many things with your whatsapp and you will be surprised after that. This article is for not only android users but it is also for iOS devices so lets  get start it.

Newswithinnovation reveals top 6 new whatsapp tricks and features and it make your life little bit easier.

  • Scan whatsapp Qr code-

The first trick is very useful for many of us .From this trick you can directly start chat with anyone without adding him on your contact list by the help of this scan whatsapp Qr code. You can directly scan their Qr code and message them. For this trick you just need to update your whatsapp messenger app .

          1. Now open whatsapp app .

          2. Go to (setting) which appears on your right side of the screen, tap on it.

3. Then there is a QR code in side of your username .

            4.open it and start scanning. This is very handy feature for exchanging your contact .

  • Become invisible in whatsapp messenger app –

Sometime we don’t want that anyone to see you online or check your status, pics, or account info,for this you just need to follow the following steps and use the following trick:

1.First you need Go to Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy. There you can easily Change the settings of personal data visibility . This steps are for Android users.

2.For iOS: Go to Settings, and open the Privacy tab. Then change your settings there .

  • Sending a group message without making any  group chat –

In order to make a mailout, go to Chats > Menu > New broadcast. Press “+” or enter the names of receivers.there you can easily send messages to anyone in one click.

The message will be delivered to everyone which you have chosen. And also,all the contacts  will get the message in the usual way. And you can easily see their answers but they can’t see others  answer.

  • Saving the storage capacity from the auto downloading-

Another new whatsapp trick and features-2020. whatsapp messenger is one the caring application,  its automatically saves your all media sent while you chats with peoples. But somewhere it is used your smartphone memory storage and then sometime you can’t install a cool app which you want.

So there is an easy trick for it ,you can easily turn off the media autosave in the app settings.

For Android smartphones you need to go to Settings > Data Usage, and choose the option which you want to save automatically after this the file is downloading automatically.

For iOS devices you need to go on Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Media.

  • Use of beta version of Whatsapp messenger app-

Now WhatsApp messenger has invented the beta version of our Whatsapp messenger app. It is mainly for those people’s who want to check  all the functions of this application before they are available for all others. Thing you need to remember before use it , the beta version of this application may have some bugs, and you’ll have to treat them yourself. If you interested in this ,you need to go to the WhatsApp Beta page. There you see the button, now press the “Become a tester” button, and update this application. Now I hope our research is will be helpful for you to make your application safer and secure from using this tips.

  • Find important messages quickly –

overall whatsapp is also updating it application and they also want to give a proper security to their users. Sometimes we need an important message but we can’t find it easily ,it takes a lot time to find it for saving this time I tell you this trick.. You Don’t need to waste your time,just choose the message and star it (the star sign in the right upper part of the screen). Now you can quickly found this message in the “Starred messages” tab in the main menu.

Hope you all like these New whatsapp trick and features-2020 and excited to apply them on your daily use for chatting with loved once. Never use them for bullying someone.

By Yogesh Joshi

Engineer by profession and writer by passion- News with Innovation

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