Paragraph on coronavirus

How to write paragraph on coronavirus

We can see how rapidly coronavirus is increasing day by day and continue effecting our daily life. I was receving many mails to write a paragraph on coronavirus .

Paragraph on coronavirus

Our life was going fine then one day a virus comes in Wuhan, china named as coronavirus. At starting stage it was like normal disease but as days were passing it started spreading rapidly. After china slowly-slowly other countries also got effected from this virus. And afterward WHO, stands for World Health Organisation announced coronavirus as pandemic disease in all over the world. Almost every country is trying to make vaccine for coronavirus. Many have made and running tests for confirmation. In starting days symptoms of corona were normal like normal cold or fever. On day 7-8 if person infected then he/she will get breathing problem, body pain and fever.


Due to this virus govt. of different countries announced lockdown in their countries. so, people can maintain the distance from each other. Their is only way to escape from this dangerous disease is to maintain social distancing and keep yourself well sensitized. In some countries mouth mask is compulsory. As of now total number of case of India are around 139k and about 58 thousand people got recovered and about 4,021 people we lost in this pandemic. I personally suggest you all try to avoid social gathering if not so much important, stay at home for some time. Try to avoid hand shaking instead of this you can say ‘Namaste” by maintaining 2 feet distance. Make sure you keep pocket sensitizer , face mask, face shield and gloves with you when go out. And also keep away yourself from myths.

In this lockdown give yourself time and do YOGA, it will boost your immune system so your body can fight with these types of virus and keeps you healthy. If you’re above 65 or if you have serious problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer then just stay at home. Because these people are getting easily catches by coronavirus.


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