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How to Enter in Quiz– World Animal Day Quiz

  • First you need to download Amazon App in your mobile.
  • Open the app and select Funzone
  • Select the sAMOLED Quiz
  • You will get 5 questions, all questions are compulsory
  • Answer each question correctly and stand a chance to win Samsung M30S

Amazon quiz contest today

  1. sAMOLED Displays are known to offer punchier blacks and truer colors Vs IPS LCD panels as they have a much higher _______

(A) Contrast Ratio

(B) Aspect Ratio

(C) Screen to body Ratio

2. sAMOLED displays can replicate a much wider range of colors as compared to IPS LCD panels due to their higher_______

(A) Color Gamut

(B) Sleekness

(C) Slimness

3. As sAMOLED displays can control each individual pixel, resulting in reduced power consumption vis-à-vis IPS LCD Panels, this helps the battery to:

(A) Last Longer

(B) Charge Faster

(C) None of these

4. sAMOLED Plus displays allow large battery phones to also be thin and easy to hold are they are upto 43% ______________ and 28%_______________ vs IPS LCD Panels

(A) Slimmer & Lighter

(B) Thicker & heavier

(C) Bigger & Brighter

5. sAMOLED panels are usually more expensive due to their superior technology. However, Samsung M Series offers Full HD+ sAMOLED display phones starting at ______ price point.

(A) 999

(B) 13999

(C) 16999

(D) 69999

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