7 Social Media strategies for Business Growth
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7 Social Media strategies for Business Growth

7 Social Media Strategy for any business to reach out to maximum leads through social media by DURGESH MISHRA

Create Content : First thing that I suggest is to create awesome content . By content I mean informational content on every aspect of content creation such as Blogs, Podcasts etc. . When People will come across such content and your content will provide some value and information to them. Then it will help them to get more interactions. Over digital platforms and it will increase your brand visibility and remember to pick the content type you are best at.

Video Content : we know videos helps in creating brand recognition that’s why so many big brands and companies. Are into video content creation over Youtube , fb , Instagram. Yotube itself is the second largest search engine in the world so make presence on social media video contents can help. Video content can generate a lot of leads and can increase the websites visits as well by creating brand image.

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Long Form content : Long form text based  content can help to gain website traffic. Long form content create more traffic then any other form because you are not just getting social media traffic. But you are also getting google traffic, because videos and podcast don’t rank on google but long form text based contents are.

Social media presence:  social media presence and consistency is really important. We need to be present over every social media platform that suits over business with same name , logo and image. Consistency help in getting traffic by getting engaged with viewers on regular basis by posting content , replying comments , creating polls , joining groups etc. It increases the visibility and creating a good social media presence.

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Creating Email list  or community building : We cannot depend on social media platforms to connect our subscribers as we know trends keep on changing. Earlier fb was really famous everybody was active on fb but now the trend has shifted to Instagram. And if we depend on only social media platform then we might loose the audience we have created by putting so much of hardwork. So here I suggest creating email list for all the people who come across our platforms. And then connecting with them by sending all the notifications , blogs , invitations etc. Sending them personalized emails which can help us to change our leads into our clients one day. So building our own community is really important.

Audience interaction : Interaction and engagement is really important. We can use all the tools that a social channel provide us to engage with audience  for example posting stories on Instagram , going live on youtube. Posting short videos on insta fb reels , using youtube shorts , creating igtv videos videos. All the tools can help to create more and more engagement and interaction. And it helps in brand visibility over social media.

Social Trends :  Following social trends can help in to gain a good social media presence. We know we are in the age of people whose attention spam is really low. And to get attention over social media where a lot of interesting things takes place so to get the attention of the audience. Following social trends is really important can boost our brand visibility .


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