TikTok VS YouTube – Who is Content Creator

TikTok VS YouTube – Who is Content Creator- Earlier known as musically, which is used for discovering and sharing short music videos. And now TikTok has become a huge platform where one can create short videos on different musics and dialogues. As TikTok covers many countries, where they have many creators. Many TikTok creator gain publicity and named them TikTok Star. 

Is TikTok Creators are Content Creator?

A content creator is one who comes up with his own idea and create videos, posts depend upon idea. TikTok never said their creator that they are content creator. Instead of this TikTok provides Popular creator batch to their popular videos maker or most liked profile. It means that the person is popular for his/her videos and well-liked. But some of creators actually have content, they serve some good message to their audience. 

Why TikTok is getting Banned in different Countries?

There are many countries who banned TikTok due to the violation some policies. Indonesia banned TikTok on 3 July 2018. Govt. of Indonesia found TikTok supporting pornographic content. But after some time this ban was removed and TikTok made a team to monitor all the content people creating. In China Douyin application used to engage with celebrities or fans.

Carryminati Roast on TikTok

Carry roast TikTok vs YouTube

Carry roast TikTok vs YouTube

 Recently carryminati came up with a roasting video named as YouTube vs TikTok. He normally make roasting videos. But this video gets into controversy and afterwords YouTube deleted this video with inappropriate reason. 

Content  Copyright Issue

Personally I have seen many videos on TikTok where creator’s were fighting for credits an all. If you search for carryminati in Tiktok you will find more than one profile with his name and many users are posting his videos on fake profile, This is called content creating ? So, most of the popular creator don’t follow copy-writing policies.

TikTok VS YouTube

As both are different platforms we can’t compare content of TikTok with YouTube content. Many TikTok creator thinks they have a big fan base and you-tubers don’t. I just want to say your own followers laugh on your videos. 70% of them follows you only for time-pass purpose not to see your beautiful content creating skills. And An You Tuber always thinks how he/she can deliver good content except thinking how he can gain followers. Everyone can understand after seeing the rating of TikTok after this controversy. We all know that many creators on TikTok have talent and it shown in their videos. You Tubers never said that all creators in TikTok creates unusual or senseless videos but most of them creates. 
Rate TikTok on Play store according to you, hope you understand. 

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